Keeping My Creative Work Safe

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After last week’s meeting I realized that Dr. Zamora and my classmates had no idea what my progress was on my writing. I was afraid to post too much of my work on the internet so I decided to make a google doc folder with all of my work included. In this folder I will have my literature review, my outline for my novel and my working novel as I decide to add things. This way I can document my progress but my writing won’t be so public. This is also a great way to keep all of my work in one place so i can stay organized.

I’m not completely comfortable with posting my novel online but I have decided to occasionally post excerpts and scenes. Here is the outline of my novel:


Novel Outline


Ch. 1 – Flashback


Ch. 2 & 3 – Explaining amanda’s life in the present and how she met her fiance.


Ch. 4 – Flashback


Ch. 5 – wedding dress shopping


Ch. 6 – Flashback


Ch. 7 – Sunday dinner with dad to discuss relationship with mom


Ch. 8 – discussion about mom with fiance


Ch. 9 – Flashback


Ch. 10 – conflict with mother


Ch. 11 – Flashback (parents fight)


Ch. 12 – Nate’s parents come to visit


Ch 13 – Flashback


Ch 14 – Amanda contacts her aunt


Ch 15 – flashback (dinner with boyfriend)


Ch 16 – Amanda contacts her mom


Ch 17 – flashback (suicide attempt)


Ch 18 – Wedding planning


Ch 19 – Flashback (days after in hospital)


Ch 20 – Amanda’s mom contacts her


Ch 21 – Flashback (family vacation)


Ch 22- Amanda sends out an invitation to her mom

Ch 23 – Flashback (another late night fight)


Ch 24 – Amanda and Nate fight over wedding details


Ch 25 – Flashback (mom leaves)


Ch 26 – Days before the wedding


Ch 27 – Flashback (8th grade dance & prom)


Ch 28 – Amanda gets ready for her wedding


The End


  • The flashbacks create a narrative between child Amanda and adult Amanda.
  • The flashbacks are also used to introduce the mother and her alcoholism
  • Present day allows Amanda’s story to continue and the reader can follow the narrative of following the process of planning a wedding.
  • Create a relationship and bond between Amanda and Nate. How does her mom affect their relationship?


Conflict: How does Amanda’s mom fit into the equation of her life and her planning her wedding.


Resolution: Amanda has to decide how to form a relationship with her mom while dealing with her alcoholism.