I couldn’t sleep

I’ve had trouble sleeping since the weekend. I blame booze. In an effort to stave off insomnia I made a short and rough project. I had a few goals going in:

  • I wanted to sample and loop a track.
  • I wanted to learn how to host unity projects without having to pay anything
  • I wanted to make a looping material over a 3d object
  • I wanted to sleep

Three out of four has been achieved so far. It feels really weird to upload a Unity project without it being a game. It feels dirt somehow, but never the less here it is:


Up down left down strafe is a CPU guzzling screensaver made for no man, but the tricks I’ve learned might come in handy if I ever want to make any sort of parallax effect as I could easily make the material transparent and make its movement based on player interaction. Finding out how damned easy it is to host things on itch.io was also nice. I think for my next late-night escapade I’ll try to find a better program for making an image loop. Using paint really sucks when you’re working with one or two pixels at a time.

I’ve also gotten a greater understanding of the fear that comes from sampling. Kevin MacLeod places most of his stuff under the CC licence which is open for transformative work, but that did nothing to alleviate my fear of misuse of other people’s creations. Really looking forward to working on this mysterious project that Kevin (#dogtrax on twitter) as I’ve missed working with others and having more of a goal.

Good night folks

Entry Four

So this week(actually last week, as per usual) we are touching on something new but still the same. Its still digital art as a main subject, but in lights of a project of our lecturer Mia we are introduced to #selfieunselfie. The project is about discovering how and what a selfie is, at least how I interpret the project simply put. Now the intriguing part is the “unselfie” part where you get to present more than what a selfie does. Usually a selfie is just a “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam” but now we get to unselfie the personality that it gives us. The challenge here is to be able to showcase more than what we want to through our selfie, myself being a not so avid fan of them can’t really relate, but as far as I can tell many people do! The selfie is widely known and insanely popular way of “personalizing” yourself on social media. You even have sort of traditions like the “duck face” which is a meme in itself!

Amisexy baby? OFMGSOHOT smosh.com
(worthy meme)

So in other words the selfie has become a growing part of our digital age of social media culture. It is in many ways how people anonymously define themselves to others on the internet even though we can see who they are and how they look like! But the person behind the picture is actually never as transparent, because they can choose their portraying images however they want to. I remember watching a section on the news where a young Norwegian entrepreneur took a bunch of selfies at high end places such as hotels, next to expensive cars, in first class seats on air plains etc and his goal was to make a illusion of having a rich and wealthy lifestyle so that other ACTUAL rich people would notice him. Now the funny thing is, this kid was actually not rich nor were his parents(which I doubt considering the price of the places he was taking selfies of) and yet he choose to portray himself as such. And it actually worked! He was approached by many of Norway’s wealthiest people to talk about business and he was even taking driving lessons with one of them at some point! I can’t remember his name but I am pretty sure it is a boy called Simen Vatne, his instagram says it all!

As mentioned there was a second unselfie part of the project, which we were challenged to do as well. Me thinking anything related to “seflies, social media, instagram etc” is dreadful I knew i would struggle! The unselfie part is to showcase more of our selfie personality, to show in depth how we are as “people behind the picture”. Because in 99% of the cases nobody knows us more than how we choose to display to others.

So here is a selfie of me and Otto the frog lurking in the background.

Straight from work, with the regular black bags under the eyes!

For my unselfie i wanted to show some of my hobbies and what i like to do in my spare time, also things i have a passion for.
A messy table with some of the things I spend most of my time on! Games, music, futsal and the keys to work at Telia Company. I even put on a hardly visible filter to add the illusion of a “professional” selfie. So its nothing special about this but i still feel it reflects some parts on my personality that would otherwise be shown unless one got to know me. I also forgot to slide in a beer in there somewhere, but I do love me some beer from time to time!

So this weeks project has taught me many things. We all have the digital persona whether we like it or not, but at the end of the day we limit them to whatever we our self want to show to others. In my opinion we are all still human looking for acceptance, compassion and a confidence boost on the internet, some more than others. As the famous words of James Franco “Same same, BUT different, but still the same!”

Funny video that got me thinking that we might actually relate to in a weird way. We are still all somewhat the same on the outside even though we want to portray or portray our self as someone else in many cases!



Internet and a Story

For this one I want to focus mon the internet and the power of todays distributing with the help of internet. This is in relation to what we did this week, internet art. Also going to take up the topic of selfies, even thou I never really take any selfies.

Mobile data
It has never been easier to get a hold of or distribute anything and everything as it is now. As we also get used to this, one can maybe say that internet is an essential part of everyday life. Actually, you can barely function in our society without it. This is kind of a scary thought really. Especially how many phone companies handle mobile data. This is an issue I have long been thinking about and it is absurd, to me at least, that we still only have deals for how much mobile data we can use each month (in Norway at least). This is really an old and greedy way of handling this kind of technology. And speak of technology, if the argument comes to that this have problems with the way that the infrastructure of the technology is build, then that is wrong in my opinion. Why? Because those companies also comes with deals like double data this month to attract new customers. The point is that when you look at how you pay for the internet you use at home and the internet you use on your phone when you don’t have Wifi connection is different, when it should be the same. Paying for internet speed and not how much you are allowed to use it. But until that day comes, I guess we have to make do.


Internet art and technology

Now to internet art and my thoughts about it. Inn class we have discussed internet art and what the future of internet art can be. This is an interesting topic, but for the future of art it is always hard to predict anything. A lot of it comes down to the people who create art, of course it wasn’t easy to see the works of everyone doing it in the past compered to now. What I do know for a fact is that it a bit easier to predict what new technology that can be developed, and this sets a new ground for what art can be made. So what the art actually will be, hard to know, but what tools artists can use is something we can predict and what we can know for sure is that there will always be both mind-blowing and beautiful art that will be created with these tools.

Story time

Lastly, I just wanted to tell a story from work about how niceness can give you something in return. First of you need to know that I work at a gas station and that the buss I take to get home leaves right when my shift is done (23.00). My co-worker that is taking after my shift had already come to work so I should have been able to catch my buss. But I was helping a customer with changing windshield wipers, which by the way is not something we are required to do, but I did anyway. So the time got to 23.00 and I was running to the bus terminal which is right beside the station and saw the bus was already leaving. Fortunately the bus has to go around the terminal to exit so I went to the other side of the terminal to see if the bus would stop there, which it didn’t (some bus drivers are nice enough to stop and let you on if they see you). So I started to walk back to the side of the terminal where the next bus would go and checked my phone for the next bus, to my surprise the customer I just helped stopped and asked if I lost my buss because of him. I said no and that it was fine, but he offered me to drive me home if I was going the same way as him, but I wasn’t. Fortunately the bus I was trying to catch as a long rout it takes, so the customer said he could drive me to a bus stop where this bus would stop. I know getting in to a strangers car might not be the smartest thing to do, but here in Norway the chances of it going bad is less then it going good (at least if you are a male), so I did catch my bus thanks to him.

# SelfieUnselfie – A Selfie and a Shelfie



This selfie I use as a profile picture on Facebook. I rarely take selfies, but if I do it is with others, and in this case an awesome goat. This selfie was taken in the “heat of the moment”, when I came across these goats when I was taking a stroll on Fløien. I was wearing sweats and no makeup so I wasn’t really planning of taking a selfie, but when you come across something cool, it doesn’t really matter. With this selfie I’m trying to say: don’t take the selfie stuff to serious, have fun, you don’t have to look perfect, try to capture an awesome moment. That’s why I chose to post this selfie, because it represented a lovely day on Fløien, with me and a really cool and friendly goat, and it’s about seizing a moment.

In this selfie it might seem like I’m an outdoorsy kind of person, but I’m really not, and I’m actually allergic to goats (or any fur-covered animal for that matter). So, this selfie is kind of misleading in some ways, but in other ways representing. That proves the point that we are more than just a selfie.



For my unselfie I took a picture of my shelf, a shelfie. This shelf represents the kid in me, and contains stuff that makes me happy and have a special meaning to me. For example, the ghost-thingy in the upper left corner is a price me and my friends won in a silly Halloween quiz many years ago. Every time I look at it I get a smile on my face because it remindes me of me and my friends having fun toghether. Everything in my shelf is in some way meaningful to me and every item represents a memory I hold dear.


You are more than just a selfie




How I Found Interest In Analog Camera

Hi to all those who stumble upon this blog post or generally this blog. It has been a busy week and as usual the blog post are published at the sunday evening. Right now as I write this blog post, im sitting comfortably on a coach trying to figure out something clever and original to write to you about. But first let me tell about last school week.

We have as usual had lecture by our Ph.D. Mia Zamora where she spoke about the internet as a distributive, collaborative, multimedia information system. She showed us an early example of network art by Olia Lialina called: My Boyfriend Came Back From The War. It was really fascinating to look at an net-art from the 1996 where the story is all click based and you as a reader take part of an interactive story based on hyperlinks and text boxes. You click to reveal more of the conversation between a couple where the woman’s boyfriend who came back from the war have to catch up as there are things that has to be revealed to each other.

I leave the link here as it is worth checking out: http://www.teleportacia.org/war/wara.htm

I wanted to share my interest on analog photography and how it all started.


nikon fe

I remember it was back in 2012, I was about 16 years old back then and I remember one friend of mine showing me an analog camera. I got curios, and it didn´t take long before I wanted to try out analog cameras and so my friend reminded me that my dad maybe had one of those cameras, and luckily for me he had a Nikon FE.


At first i started to take pictures of the urban internment and nature, but later as i have progressed, i have expanded and found interest in takeing pictures of people. I remember learning the system really quick as analog cameras has its own system or rules of how to take pictures. One feature i really love about analog cameras is the “focus” system. It has a circle split in two in the viewfinder that splits the image into two slightly mismatched portions, that is, until you focus the image, and the image is made whole.  I remember the excitement when i delivered my first Kodak film. That one week of waiting felt like ages and the result was not bad to be my first film. Ever since then i have taken pictures to this date. Because of the camera not working properly it has been disappointing to not get the result that you where hoping for and half the pictures where not even appearing.


bergen city

This picture is from my first film roll. It is taken back in 2012 where the picture is from a little alley in Bergen city

picture 2

This picture is taken outside my neighbourhood back in August 2013, this photo is not edited, the purple tint of color you see in the picture is called light leak and it happens now and then


in the end I will post a dda a made last week.





This week Mia Zamora presented the project #SelfieUnselfie to us. To understand the project I wanted to read more about the term “selfie”, where people post them and others reaction. According to Oxford Dictionary a selfie is “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”. Urban dictionary had a similar definition on selfies as Oxford Dictionary, but on Urban dictionary it also said,

 “Other optional elements are often associated with selfies. Use of a mirror is common, especially mirrors found in dirty, unphotogenic bathrooms. Bathrooms are a popular location for selfies since so many believe that the worse everything around them looks in the photo, the better they will appear by comparison”.

The first selfies you take is often in the teens, and on google you find many that are taken in the bathroom. I´m not sure why but I believe it´s easier to use the bathroom, because then you don’t need to clean your own room and people won´t see that embarrassing Justin Bieber poster and your teddy bear collection in the background. Many parents have the ability to interrupt their kids at the best (read worst) moments, for example when their kid is in the middle of a selfie session in their room, therefore you can escape to the bathroom where you have the ability to lock the door without raising any concern in the house. I believe that because of all the embarrassing bathroom selfies that exist, and all the bad attention they have received online today, the bar has raised and now you can´t share a selfie without checking the background, the quality and your own face. If there is a small mistake a random internet troll will appear and comment on it, this may not happen on Instagram where you can control who sees your pictures, but on pages like Imgur anyone can see and comment on the picture.

Selfies are such a big phenomenon, that The Chainsmokers decided to make a song based on it.


In 2005 a social networking site called Reddit appeared online. People share content and find similar creators through subreddits. This is something Reddit´s users have created so it would be easier to find relatable content and the page looks tidy. Reddit has a subreddit dedicated to selfies, they give their users a platform where they can post the selfies they want to post on social media but are to humble to do. You see right away that the trendiest pictures are selfies of girls with snapchat filters, frames and emoji stickers. Most of the selfies are indeed happening in bathrooms, and most of the girls doesn’t look happy, you see straight away that their posing and some of the are girls obviously using their sexuality to express themselves. I found one unedited selfie of a guy in his bathroom with a few comments, and none of them were friendly. In the photo you could see a deodorant, therefore someone commented that the guy was lame because of his choose in deodorants. The guy taking the selfie actually looked satisfied with himself in the picture, nobody commented on that. This is what separates the selfies published by boys and girls, most of the boys won´t get any comments (unless they ask for it in the title) and the comments they get are mainly rude, while some (not all) of the girls achieve compliments on how “hot” or “beautiful” they look.


If I type in selfie on Instagram I can see that 335 million users have used the hashtag #selfie on their photos, and 346 million people have used the hashtag #me. Sadly only 35 million has used #memes, so the winning hashtag is the selfies and not the creative souls dedicating their profiles to meme sharing. Today you know that if you’re not feeling the best, you can post a picture Instagram and your friends will embrace the comment section with every compliment in the book or an emoji. Photos can be used to tell a message, a selfie in uniform shows the receivers that you’re going to work, selfies from a lecture tells everybody that you´re at school. When we take a selfie, we get to choose how we want to appear online, we get a chance to create our own online identity. Most selfies out there are taken when the person is in a good mood and they feel good about themselves, they like how they feel and look so they share it with friends. On Instagram people often have an open profile where they share these good pictures, and many also have private accounts where the vibe is more relaxed, and the pictures are less serious. Personally, I can´t remember the last time I took a selfie with the intention to share it on Instagram. I believe that the best pictures are those who others take of you when you´re distracted by something else. It´s on these photos people look the happiest and most like themselves. Of course there is exceptions, the picture underneath is taken by me and it is in some way a selfie because I’m in it, but also not because there is two more people in it.



Back to the #SelfieUnselfie project, the video beneath explains what it is and why.


The instruction says that I must choose a selfie that I would post on social media and elaborate why I chose this specific selfie. I went through my pictures to find that the last selfie I published was March 2017, and I have my mouth full of food. I can take a ridiculous/pointless selfie and send it on snapchat, but the thought of taking a selfie where I need to think while taking it makes me uncomfortable. I don´t believe in selfies, I don’t get anything from them, they are often planned, the make-up is on fleek, smiles are forced, and Instagram filters makes the overall picture appealing. We give selfies a like because we see the effort that has been made and we want our friends to feel good with themselves.

I think the #SelfieUnselfie project is coming at a perfect time where we all know what selfies are, and most of us take them on a daily basis. The project forced us to think about the picture we take and why. We get a reminder that we should reflect on ourselves and how we want to be presented online, but also how selfies limits the understanding others get from our selfies. This project removes the impersonal part of a selfie, and gives us a chance to explain and show others why we depict ourselves in the way we do. I believe it will help people to understand selfies more, and to think before writing rude comments.

Lykke Li, The Magician – I Follow Rivers

HK & Les saltimbanks – On Lâche Rien


This is me. This is how I present myself on Facebook. My eyes look really blue, staring in to the lens of my mobile-phone. My skin is snow white and shows no imperfections. My makeup is complementing my eyes. I have a slight Mona-Lisa smile, which is the smile of my preference. But most of all I think look pretty, and that is how I want the world to see me.
This is also me. This is the desk were I spend most of my time, containing all the bits and bobs that together constitutes me.  Representing my different sides. Some stuff is old. Some is new. Some I have bought, some have been gifted to me. Representing my interest. My travels. My passions. My family. My friends. My past. My present. All my things. All of me.


The one where I talk Internet fame

“It’s obviously funny to be a meme, so I could be down with it in that regard, but it also belittles one’s art.” – Grimes

Nowadays anyone can be famous – for better or for worse. In the first blog post, I talked about memes, and how easy they are to create. That´s the thing you see, they are very easy to create, but have you ever thought about who the actual people in the meme are? These memes get a life of their own and we create new roles to fit with what we are trying to express, but some of these roles already exist and we make real people into fictional characters.

First of all, it´s important to stress that there is no way anyone can predict what is going to become a meme, but second of all, nothing spreads faster or gets more manipulated or taken out of context as a meme. I would like to show you three different cases where memes were created without the person knowing about it.

Every single person can be turned into a meme, but it´s quite obvious that celebrities are at higher risk than the rest of us of getting “memed”. Down below you can see how a single high school picture of the singer Taylor Swift turned into this Internet joke with just a single Tumblr comment, and how Swift´s reaction also became an Internet sensation.


Everyone remembers Justine Sacco right? The woman who the entire world was watching and mocking, while she was sitting totally unaware on a plane for eleven hours. After tweeting a racist tweet her company announced that she was fired, and the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet spread like wildfire. When she landed she received the news that she was fired, and had become a worldwide joke. She was later mentioned in an interview with the author Jon Ronson’s, whose book “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” deals with the subject I´m discussing today, that she struggled for a long time getting a new job, and also struggled with the fact that her reputation was ruined and a simple thing as going on a date with someone, had become impossible. She also mentioned how everyone on the Internet seemed to love her misfortune. “I had a great career, and I loved my job, and it was taken away from me, and there was a lot of glory in that. Everybody else was very happy about that.”


The last story I want to share has a more positive outcome than the previous one. We´re still only two months into 2018, and it´s too early to give up on trying to leave things on a positive note. The meme “Success Kid” was spread after Sammy Griner´s mom posted a picture of her baby boy on the beach. To begin with, his mother was not happy with the fact that a picture of her child had gone viral, but it turned out that it would be nearly a miracle a few years later. When the family started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Sammy’s father`s kidney transplant, the Internet decided to contribute, and the family reached way over their goal in just a week. Below the meme, you can see Sammy´s mom´s response to the whole thing.


I´ve really tried to not be too preachy in this post. I just want you to think about that some of the people that you laughing at and sharing with your friends are actual people who might, or might not, be aware or approve of that their picture is spreading all over the Internet.


Blog post 4. “Dynamic/Static learning”

usually try to develop a routine for how my day will elapse. From day to day, and from morning, to evening. Just now in the past three weeks I have gotten a good routine going with, studies, work and social life/myself. This past week has been a bit weird in type of going to lecture and not going to lecture. I am the type of person that prioritize going to lecture over much about anything else. It is a bit weird trying to mix my study time – with my social life/myself time.

What I mean by that is that I usually put on a YouTube-video to relax and slow down a bit. For when I finally find the time of day to slow down and relax my brain, my whole body will simply stop trying to focus on my studies and work. And in lieu of the lecture of the past week, there was a #NetNarr Studio Visit with Emilio Vavarella. The studio visit it self was a really informative and broad dynamic discourse, and it was a great way to connect and find lines between lots of everyday objects and more! But again getting my body and brain to try to simulate a lecture with a video is a bit of a curve.

Check out the; #NetNarr Studio-Visit with @EmilioVavarella

Due to how my schedule is there usually not much room to spare, and where there is room is usually occupied with mind-relaxing activities. Through the years of my conscious-life I have been going by a saying of; “To gain in one way, there must be a sacrifice in another”. So therefore sleep is usually the most scarified capital I have to give up a bit, in order to get more time in the day to do what I have looked past or skipped.

Code as a form of creative writing.
Code as the paint and canvas of the digital artist.

I find that last side-quote to be quite interesting. Usually a canvas is a contained frame that the artist would have to frame up and execute their art on. Now in the digital era, where code is the cornerstone of every digital machine – there is even more infinite possibilities to what canvases you might end up executing your art on.

We (lab-group on Friday morning) have not had a lab-group meeting in the last two weeks, so there is honestly not much creative spark that drives new tinkering forward. Even though there is pages like the Make:Bank, and the weekly #dda’s – I find myself skipping them due to, too much freedom of choice. Personally I could try to focus and prioritize such things over other, but for this past week there has been little discussion and reflection upon internet art, internet identity and such.

The upcoming week there is a Arduino-project, from a parallel digital culture course, that will occupy the Tuesday lecture. Therefore in lieu of that lecture – there will be a simulated video-lecture coming up. Looking forward to it, and how it will turn out!


I almost forgot! Happy Lunar New Year! This year is the year of the dog 🐶. Feel free to acquaint yourself with “The Myth Behind the Chinese Zodiac”s in the link below. I have personally checked up on my zodiac for this year, I was born in the year of the rat, so in cohesion with this year, the year of the dog. Most of my year will be all bad luck, but it will turn around with good spirit by the end of summer, and the rest of the year the same.

Check out my latest tweets, works and #dda’s! 

Reflection IV: «From bits and bytes»

∗Disclaimer: This text may lack some cohesion due to personal trauma this week.


We go through everyday life as walking sponges; soaking up information through perception. It’s easy to be overwhelmed at times. Reflection through contemplation or meditation can ease the burden, but a lot of people use art to channel their feelings and create something new.

Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously by means of certain signs, hands on to others, feelings he has lived through, and that others are infected by those feelings and experience them. (Leo Tolstoy)

Internet art was the theme of the lecture this week. People began creating much earlier than I had thought, and that can be problematic with regards to storing and preserving digital art for the future. Technology advances and backwards combability can only be stretched to far before we need to let go of the rope.

We can therefor ask ourselves the question: Should every piece of art be preserved?

There are creative genres where the artists do not expect their pieces to last – at least not in a general sense. Street art can be an example of this. They can be viewed for years, days or hours before vanishing. Is this a bad thing? The most popular ones are often photographed and will live on in the digital world. There’s even Google Maps archives with location and images of existing and older pieces.

So do we need to archive the actual work of art, or is it enough to keep some sort of digital record of it existing, and can this digital recording be seen as some new digital artifact? Combining information and artwork is often the ingredients of Internet art.

Speaking of Internet art. I remembered a gem from the past that is still active. Some 18 years ago, someone re-created the original Star Wars movie using only ASCII text and made it available through telnet. If you’re not tech savvy and wish to see the creation, someone made a video recording of it here:

Further down the train track, learning about multimodal information, browser art and chat environments made me remember a web series from 2004 called ‘The Scene’. The plot was built upon a movie pirate group acquiring early copies and releasing them on the web, but the special thing about this series is the format – how they told the story.

The main protagonist is superimposed in the top corner via a webcam and the rest of the frame is his desktop on the computer. The story is told through some voiceover, but mostly text on screen from e-mails, chat via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and other messaging clients. This is of course scripted, but can nonetheless be viewed as a form of performance art, in my opinion.


In my last words, I’d like to share this song with you.
A good friend passed away this week. She liked this one.
Susanne Sundfør had a concert some months ago. Which we both attended.
That was the last time I saw her.