Blog post 3. “M’Ms – M&Ms “

 I made a new cover-photo, or rather I borrowed the materials to make it. It looks great! The borrowed parts I mean, it is else just the same photo as before with minor tweaks from my part. Explaining the headline, we have the famous treat of M&M’s which is not what I was referring to in this regard. What I was referring to was M’M as in Marshall McLuhans’ quote about M&Ms; the medium and the message. We will take a closer look further on.

This is my third blog post for the course I am taking at the University of Bergen, Digital Culture 103 – better known this semester to be Network Narrative. This blog post contains a short and brief review from this past week; week number 6.

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Featuring the element of dynamic learning, this week we practiced the branch of flash readings. Flash readings is a dynamic way of brainstorming together in bigger attendances. Using the social media platform of twitter, there will be a head-account that tweets a digital art piece. In this case our head-account is @netnarr which stands for Network Narrative. This piece of digital art is then accessed by all followers and then they are welcome to contribute in the questions the head-account is tweeting out. There are no right or wrong answers here, there are only the first thought that came to mind and a continued elaboration of that, in the next questions to come. This way a big group of attendees can participate in a brainstorming session.

We had two flash readings this week and both featured great works of digital art, feel free to check them out if you have not done so already!

Check out the two featured digital art pieces, here and here!
They are really great, you will not regret it.

Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji : Drone Ballet Show


Eunoia II – Lisa Park

Did you know that to erase permanent markings on a whiteboard, simply reapply permanent markings on the existing dry markings, and then wipe it off with a simple cloth or sponge of sorts. This was previewed in class before our lecture on #NetNarr

I made two new .gifs this week! Made as in borrowed some external material and composed (remixed) it with my own materials. Feel free to check them out!

This first one is a #DDA about “The Horror of Future Technologies” – whereas you have the same type of technology for over a 100 years and it still is being used as it was 100 years ago. Firstly I was thinking about the concept of the toilet, and how it still is quite clunky and big to be classified as a modern piece of technology. But then I could not quite find the right way to visualize it with a meme or a photo. Therefore when I was ironing my shirt for a company meeting, it dawned on me that the ironing tool has the same clunky characteristic as the toilet. In regards that it is outdated and it needs a revamp of sorts. Hence this #dda about Ironman needing to iron his clothes.

My next .gif is also a #DDA! Ever since I’ve gotten to tinker around with these .gif #ddas, it has been a small addiction. There is surely a more efficient way of remixing these .gifs but I find the way I usually do it to be a safe bet. Even thought it might take up to 3+ hours to get it just right. Like this #DDA i  made! Which motive was to take a @happydb tweet, and remix a picture or a type of media to represent it. When I first read this tweet from @happydb I immediately though of this .gif – from the movie Forrest Gump, 1994. But there was no bus in this .gif, so I incorporated a bus into it. I find the result quite fitting and it makes a well enough #dda. Even though it took forever to make.

Thanks for stopping by my blog post! This is my third blog post featuring #NetNarr – Network Narrative! To read my first and second, follow the provided links!

Baoson Nguyen Mahn

Digital Art

Finally, I get to look at, – and talk about art in school! 🙂 Yay! First, we started out with memes, and tinkered with selfmade memes in lab. It was a bit difficult at first, but with a little help and some time and effort, even I made one! ;p So much fun! We had a good laugh in class, and some students had a really good sense of humor…..

On wednesdag the 31. of January we got a lecture from a guest speaker about art with letters and words, and the development in artistic work and expressions over the years, and that was really interesting. Dr. Leonardo Flores‘  lecture on “Third Generation Electronic Literature” . It was a funny and interesting lecture, and it really made me be more aware of the different things I see on the internet.  I just love when I get inspired like that! 🙂 ❤

I find myself looking more at pictures and the way for example text is incorporated in pictures and paintings, I look at digital art, photographs, drawings, pictures, memes, gif’s and more, in a slightly different and more carefully way than before. The way that digital art affects us in our daily life is also really fascinating, and it’s interesting too look at the different ways an artist uses tools and knowledge to influence the way we percieve things – and to get their messages through to us.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the beauuuuuutiful weather in Bergen! :p


Combing digital art and technology

The digital art world is vast in the amount of insight and content that is included in every bit of digital art. The meaning of a digital art piece can be viewed in so many ways, and it’s not always your views is the same views as the original author. Therefore asking yourself a few questions about the art piece and answering them gives you a much better insight in the art piece, your understanding of it and maybe also get a understanding of the author thought process behind making it. Maybe the art piece symbolizes something else, or maybe you can identify the theme of it. The information in every digital art piece is huge! By getting deeper in the art piece, you will uncover more and more information you wouldn’t notice on your first sight.

This week, we saw digital art pieces reflecting the relationship between nature and modern technology. We got to see the digital art group “Sky Magic” perform a drone ballet show by the Mt. Fuji in Japan. In this piece, the group showed off their Japanese culture in a very modern light show. The group took usage of drones and used them to replicate the tradition Japanese sky lanterns. The show showed nature and technology in harmony and created a beautiful light show on a great backdrop. Later this week, i also saw another example in usage of drones to create digital art. In the newly opened Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, the hosts used drones to create aesthetically pleasing digital art to the millions of people viewing. This set an example for the new generation of tools used to create modern digital art that was not possible before. This opens the way for more creativity and ideas to be released into the world of digital art!


From recommendation from our lecturer, i visited, which is a website showing off different net art pieces, i mean, it says it in the URL! Once on the site, “The artist is typing” by Guido Segni immediately caught my attention. I think it peeked my interest because it relates to my experience on the Internet and my knowledge of it. I loved how he took certain aspects of the internet and created his own version of digital art with it. As an example, he took thousand of pictures of the space, and rearranged them to create his own picture of the universe, or by using Photoshop to find the meaning behind pictures on the Internet. Guidos creativity and insight in his art was very interesting to study and learn from. I am looking forward to seeing more of his work!

Think that is it for this week. It is Fastelavn in Norway now, and i am craving some fastelavensboller right now! So until next time, bye!

Blog Post #3

Hi again blog, as I’m writing this I am traveling trough the beautiful nature of Norway covered in snow, the destination is to visit my brother who lives in Kristiansand so I am sitting back in the passage seat and in the front seats who where kind enough to let me join them are my grandparents. This Sunday it will be a big family visit where we wil also be served good and tasty food. The reason for this is because my brother’s youngest child is getting a blessing. (Almost the same as baptized, but the child gets blessed instead of baptized) Anyways let me tell you about my last week and something more school relating.


gif Norway snow.gif


Last weekend we where lectured by our Ph.D. lecturer Mia Zamora in Network Narratives where our lecturer spoke about digital art more specifically reflecting around the digital revolution and more about digital art as a art form. We had something she called “LiveTweets” where we all took part and tweeted answers to reflecting questions about two selected pieces of digital art. Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji: Drone Ballet Show and Lisa Park’s Eunoia II. It worked very well, the interaction between tweets and our lecturer discussing our reflecting tweets makes our classes exciting. Personally the sky magic drone ballet where visually stunning, as we see beautiful Mount Fuji behind the drones, Japanese folk music played live in the background (or as they seem to do) and of course the drones with its LED lights flying so spectacularly in the dark sky.

Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji: Drone Ballet Show and Lisa Park’s Eunoia II.


As usual we are supposed to attend lab group this Friday, but unfortunately it was cancelled this Friday. We where instead assigned with a task to discover digital art from and write a tweet about something you found interesting, Then i came across this Pong game made in the web browser in an artistic way with pop up blocks that you took control over. It was interesting to see this web page containing so many different types of digital art made. I’ll put a link to The pong game here:


giphy pong.gif


To the end this blog post I will post some DDA I made last week. Thoose are always fun to create and publish, I wonder who came up with those brilliant ways to interact with the class and social media?

GIF´s & more Art


The week started with us making GIF´s, I´ve been using GIF´s on Facebook Messenger for years and I also made my own when I was younger. My own GIF´s aren’t available anymore since I have no idea where I saved them, but it was a fun experience making new ones. I wanted to make a relatable GIF, so I took a clip from Black Mirror and edited it. It´s a program with so many relatable moments and it makes you think about the digital world we consume today. I also started posting DDA´s (finally), it took me a while to accept that I actually had to post more than my blog posts, but I´m working on it.

We talked about different art pieces/installations this week, but instead of talking about all of them, I want to focus on the ones I liked and why. I also want to mention an interesting Instagram account I found this week, but back to the artsy stuff.

The video I remember best, and have watched most times is “Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji : Drone Ballet Show”. The focus is on the drones, lighting up the dark sky, and in a way dancing in front on Mt. Fuji. It sorts of seems like their teasing the viewer, catching your attention and then pointing it to the background where the mountain is placed. It´s fascinating watching the drones move so synchronized and without errors, I feel like it was yesterday the first drone was announced. I´m used to watching youtubers use drones to film their vlogs and videos, I haven’t seen them be used in such an experimental way before, and with lights attached. LED-lights has become more and more normal when it comes to interior, and ever since my dad put red LED-lights behind his TV, my fascination of them has grown tremendously. If I see art installations that uses light as an instrument I´m going to use my time looking, taking pictures and interpreting it.

The controlling element is the underlying bass, after this the shamises (three string guitar) connects the drones, background and the bass together. They use these traditional Japanese guitars to “control” the drones, and the paste of the video. It’s the guitars that fires up the beat, keeps it on the top and in the end extinguishing it. The way I see it, the video shows a battle between the old and the new, between the traditional culture and the new digital age we stand upon. The drones seem more controlled in the ending, than in the beginning of the video.


I feel like I need to mention that in the opening ceremony at this year’s winter Olympics in Pyeongchang they used 1,218 drones (new world record). I saw it at home, and even I thought it was firework or special effects at first, but then I remembered this video and how were already at the point where we use drones to make certain signs in the sky. Last year (2017) Lady Gaga had drones in the sky during her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show showing the American flag. The Sky Magic video came out 2 years ago, so for all I know it could have inspired both these events. All of the events depicts technology meeting art.



Now about the Instagram account I found while scrolling through my phone. The owner of the account is Stephanie Sarley, according to articles online and herself, she makes fruit-art. On her homepage, it says, With an innate eye for detail. I approach my art in search of the unseen and unexpected. At the market, fruits and vegetables present themselves as a medium. Re-imagining materials with milk pouring as fertility and bodily fluids to fruit play representing self love. The ripe flesh of a fruit tearing like skin peeling and, blood oozing when a cherry pops. With her eye catching art she works to reclaim women´s sexuality in art by evoking the female gaze and confronting the male gaze. Her fruit series has exploded by using social media, and it has become a new type of art that we haven’t seen before. Her work is heavily influenced by symbolism and it´s open for interpretation, so we can all watch it and make our own opinion about it. At first, I felt uncomfortable, but after seeing more of her art, I began to look deeper into it and looked at myself, why did I feel uncomfortable? It made me think, and that´s what I think art should do, it should make the viewer think, after all that’s how we evolve.

Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo


Henry Mancini – It Had Better Be Tonight

ODESZA – Bloom


I also found the song from the Sky Magic video on Spotify: