Technology and Tradition

This post was supposed to be published last week, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Despite of this I’ll keep my head up and do the best out of it.

This week in class we watched «Sky Magic Live at Mt. Fuji». This piece of art is a live performance of MIDI controlled LED flying machines, accompanied by Shamisens, the Japanese traditional guitars.

Bilderesultat for Sky Magic Live at Mt. Fuji : Drone Entertainment Show

What left me off with the greatest impression was how the rhythm of the music is incorporated with the beautiful light show. Having Mt. Fuji in the background is just the cherry on the cake.

«Spiritual» is one of the first words that come to mind (for me at least) when thinking of significant themes. They are after all playing traditional acoustic guitars in robes by Mt. Fuji. The theme is certainly spiritual and embrace Japanese culture.

What’s not so spiritual and traditional is the MIDI controlled LED drones. Japan as a culture already blend tradition and technology increcdibly well. This piece is a perfect example of how beautiful it is. To just illustrate what I’m talking about, I’ll show two different pictures, both of Japan.

We also talked a little about how Bergen is covered in street art. A couple days later I chose to not take this for granted, and take a couple pictures on my way to the University. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Now we’ve looked a bit on both traditional and digital art. They’re not really that different if you think about it. Digital art may be characterized as interactive, participatory, dynamic and customazible.

In my opinion this is the case with street art as well. At least to some extent. I could make the point that all art is interactive as art has to be interpreted by someone. When it comes to street art I don’t have to make this point. Artists can use walls to paint on. Those walls are designed by architects and may be considered art in themselves. Thus we already got two layers of art upon each other. Artists interact with each other.

If the art is not wished upon a wall, it may get painted over. Therefore it’s dynamic. It changes over time.

Other graffiti artists may also participate with their art upon/beside art that’s already there. This is not always successful, but definetly can be.

Graffiti can also be customized in a sense.  Sure, it can’t be edited in the same sense as digital art can, but it can be customized by coverups, and re-doing. Unfortunately spray cans don’t come with undo-buttons.

New way for art


Last week we looked into more examples of digital art and. We looked at the digital art called “Sky Magic Live at Mt. Fuji: Drone Ballet Show”. An artwork mixed with technology and nature. It was an amazing combo to watch. This is what I would call a perfect example of remixed art, and digital art. As we all know digital art is pretty much our new hip way of making art, though we still appreciate the paintings, drawings and sculptures, that´ll never loose its touch of our interests.


On the wesite I discovered something interesting. “I am aware of your private life”, and that lead on to showing me a new kind of network ark I have never heard of before, or thought of. It is a project that wants to collect portraits from “users”, with that I think they mean users of the internet. Like who’s faces is behind the screens. So they put up a website were it pops up a little function were you can upload a personal picture are they will then create art with it, as soon as they have collected enough portraits. This is kind of a eyeopening kind of art, were they create something that personal but it is made by the allowance of the “users” while it is a art work made of personal portraits of the users. If I were to interpret it, I don’t know exactly how I would explain it but maybe the moral og the message is that the “users” nowadays shares so much on the internet, on purpose but also without knowing it. And then when someone comes up to them in real life of in any kind of way asking them about private stuff, or hearing someone discussing something about your life(that you have been sharing on the web), we, the “users” still gets offended. So here the name of the project is “I am aware of your private life” is kind of ironic. At the same time it is so important to be private but at the same time it is also a norm to share about your life, we upload portraits to something that tells us that they know about your private life. A way of showing how the life is today, and a way of making new art.




Well this ended about something totally different then digital art, but that just shows how much digital art can be made to tell, contribute and change the world. The digital art has so much to give, so much to learn us, and yet it is so much to discover of it! I can’t wait for more to come.