Expressing yourself through Net Art

As time goes by, the internet as a platform continues to grow. The amount of data stored increases for every day that goes by. And with the new data that constantly gets uploaded, new forms of art gets created. The Internet works as a multimedia, creating new opportunities for the art to be shown to the world. The modern world has truly given us many options when it comes to expressing ourselves.

The introduction of the internet has also led to a new branch of art being born: Net Art. Last week I talked about the artist Guido Segni behind the net art project “The artist is typing”. Some of the art in his project came from simply typing on his keyboard. whether it was poetry, love letters or even something as simple as orders from, he tweaked it to create art that visualizes and presents himself to the people of the internet. Segnis creations is just an example of the new types of art that comes with Net Art. Since data on the internet can be reused, reproduced and remixed, the amount of possibilities in the world of Net Art is almost endless. Whether I am making a meme, a GIF, or just taking a picture, I am expressing me and my personality in ways that was not possible before Net Art.

To express ourselves through the world of Net Art, I was tasked this week to create my own #SelfieUnselfie. The project bases on taking a picture of yourself, describing the characteristics that is not visible in the picture, and then creating a “Unselfie”, a picture that will express those characteristics more clearly. After taking the selfie, I felt that several of my traits like being ambitious or honest was not represented in the picture. I therefore found a picture I had on my mobile phone which I think could express my personality. The selfie can only show off so much of who you are as a person, so finding another picture i feel connected with can help others discover who i am.

This week I was invited to an online studio visit with digital artist Emilio Vavarella. As someone who creates many art projects with technologic equipment, Emilio spoke interestingly about his views on Net Art as of now, and predictions about art in the future and how modern technology will play in with the art. I suggest everyone check out his video on YouTube, as it is a very educational experience.


That was all for this week. The post itself might be published a little later than normal. I think I have to blame the Olympics for that, it takes a lot of my attention lately. Next week I will be back with more creations of my own hopefully. Until then, goodbye!


To be honest, I had a hart time finding anything that reached out to me on the website we were supposed to check out for this week. After quite some time I finally found a GIF/picture with some text that kind of spoke to me. “” For some reason I were not able to upload it, therefore I had to paste in the URL to the site where i found it. I believe that this was interesting to me because I’ve never knew what i really wanted with life or what to become and still don’t. What’s interesting by this to me is that I were talking to my friend about something like this a couple of weeks ago and I told her what my  dreams were and what i actually would love to be working with or whatever. And then she asked my why I haven’t done anything about it yet. It may sound cheesy because it is but I’ve always thought to myself that it’s unrealistic and nothing will change. But what if, there is nothing better than working with something that you love and that was sort of a wake up call for me. What’s the worst that could happen?

Studio Visit: Emilio Vavarella

This week we had a studio visit with Emilio Vavarella. Vavarella is a digital artist from Italy who is interested in visuality, media and technology. In the online conversation he spoke a lot about his projects and his way of creating new art.

Emilio Vavarello.JPG

Vavarella explained that his work does not belong to a particular field, because he likes to work with different styles and directions. One of the reasons for that is his background, because besides visual arts, he had studied architecture and social sciences. Moreover he was influenced by surrealism and Dadaism at high school. After that he switched to conceptual work. One of his idols is Marcel Duchamp who influenced his way of thinking and can be seen as an important source of Vavarella’s inspiration. In addition, technology has a huge impact of his work, because especially mediated communication became so much more important for him than personal communication.

vavarellos work.JPG

Later on when Vavarella was talking about The Captcha Project and The Google Trilogy, it became clear, that the artist is an advocate for interdisciplinarity. His works are based on collaboration, because then you can create more: “When you are doing a movie, a lot of people are working together. The director, actors, musicians”, he explained. “Some of the best projects are collaborations.”

This is also reflected in Vavarella’s kind of creating new art. “I have 65 different projects in my file right now”, he admits. Some of them are still in progress, but then there are project that failed or he had already forgotten about. Sometimes his ideas take years until he realizes them, because sometimes they just have to flow. “I really believe in experiments”, he adds. He makes clear, that there exist no failures for him, because he learns from failures and that is why they are part of his projects. “Sometimes things are already ready and then they become something else”.

I really like that idea, because then you can create everything you want, because you are not afraid to fail anymore. You can be free in your imagination, because then there is nothing that will stop you. Therefore maybe we all can learn a lot from that fascinating artist, so we can grow and become creative human beings. With no limits, no expectations and no pressure.

Watch the whole conversation below: