Deleting lightning bolts

A couple of weeks ago, I started making a font that I am using for the game that I am working on, ‘Fear the Reaper’. I wanted the letters to look like they were chipped and eroded, sort of like metal armor and weapons that have been left to rust after a battle. Quite early in the process, I found out that the best way to do this (in, the program that i am using) was to first paint the rough shape of the letters, and then create versions of the default lightning bolt shape, overlapping a part of the letter with it, and finally deleting the selection shape of the thunder bolt.


This highlights something i think is really cool when creating art; utilizing the negative versions of objects on top of already existing shapes. I also used some more basic shapes like ellipses and squares, but the majority consisted of these lightning bolts. It is quite funny that you can’t recognize this unless you know it beforehand.

Later, I used the magic wand selection tool on the letters (with low tolerance) and copied and pasted them onto a black background. Using the low tolerance selection meant that small pieces of the letters were excluded, giving them a frizzy and rugged outline, which further contributed to the battle-worn and eroded look i tried to achieve.

This is the final result, which I am quite satisfied with:titleWithSigil