What type of gamer am I?


Wich one are you?

This question is not so simple to answer. I’m not just one of the four different gamer types Mia mentioned in class, I’m several. I will categorize myself as a Social Gamer, Specialist Gamer and Expert gamer. In some periods one type of gamer more than another.

I’m not a Casual Gamer because:

Gaming is to me not just a casual hobby, it’s more of a passion. I really care about gaming and the culture around it, which the Casual Gamer is known to not really be bothered by. For a casual gamer it’s more about relaxing with a “random” game they heard was good, without giving it too much thought. That’s not me at all!

I’m a Social Gamer because:

From time to time I enjoy playing games with my friends, such as Leauge og Legends, Fortnite and so on. It’s a good way to keep in contact with friends from my hometown, as well as getting new acquaintances. As I have mention earlier, I’m part of The Bergen Student Radio and the gaming program Hardcore. The Hardcore-gang have live gaming-streams every Sundays, which I’m frequently a part of.

Also regarding social events like parties and hangouts when we are a group of people gathered, we often play games together such as Street fighter, Injustice (and other type of fighting games), Jackbox, Mario Kart etc.

I`m a Specialist  Gamer because:

I have my absolute favorite genre (most of the time) and that’s RPG (roleplaying game), especially the sub-genre (not the literal definition) JRPG’s (stands for Japanese roleplaying games), like the Final Fantasy-series, Tales-series, Persona ++. But even so, I love other types of RPG´s that’s totally different from the JRPG-genre such as Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Diablo, Nioh, and so on. RPG’s are totally my jam. I know what I love to play, but even so I’m open to other type of games and genres, because I know there are other stuff I might enjoy. For example, I’m generally not super found of FPS (first person shooters) games, but even here there are exceptions. I LOVE the Bioshock games and The Last of Us, which are standard FPS-games.

Even if a have a main preference, it does vary from time to time, and sometimes I’m hung up on a specific type of games and/or genre. I also love to play retro games either on my Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube etc.

I’m an Expert Gamer because:

I don’t just love games, I also love the culture around it. I find the gaming industry, culture and the different aspects regarding this very interesting. I like to be updated on releases and news. This is one of the main reasons I joined the radio program Hardcore. We are a diverse gang, with different preferences and knowledge. I love that I learn so much from them, and it helps me being updated on games, companies etc. I in the first place didn’t knew much about. I like to be updated and to discuss different aspects of gaming with other gamers. I like to try out (even if it’s just for a little bit) games that I’m not necessarily found of, just to know what it’s about.

I do enjoy watching E-sport (electronic sport), the same way other enjoy to watch soccer, baseball, basketball etc. I like to pay attention to E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo, a premier trade event for the video game industry) when that’s going on. I like to watch YouTubers who plays and reviews games, and I also enjoy game-award shows +++.


So, one could say that gaming is a huge part of my life. Instead of watching TV I rather play a video game. When I’m social, we often play games together and when I’m not gaming, I still pay attention to the gaming culture and industry.

It’s so much more to gaming than just playing a game.


What type of gamer are you?



This is kind of intimidating which is also why it’s awesome to do. And GO!


I posted this selfie on my private Instagram account with a caption that said that I am very happy about being in Norway. I liked it because it is crooked, fun, I thought my hand was hilarious and it shows that I am happy — the photo captured it pretty nicely.

That being said, I am not this happy all the time. It is difficult being abroad and being away from family and friends and this photo definitely doesn’t show that. The selfie neither shows that I’m a very social person, hardworking and very engaged in student organizations here. But those aspects of my life makes me happy which is all the selfie reflects.


This is my unselfie. I chose this because, not having my own room with my regular things, I found that everything on this table shows something of me because this is the only table I’ve got and, therefore, it has all the things I use most on it.

I have my computer which I use all the time — both for school work and for watching series (it’s my favorite thing to do when I don’t have work to do). A coffee cup is always there because I get up early every day and need my coffee to start the day. I have lights because I’m very dependent on hygge and these lights are very hyggelige. I have my university books and I (actually) love them — I really enjoy reading them and learning new things. I have my to-do list on an old envelope because I need to keep track of things, I’m always afraid I forget something. Underneath that some student magazines published by the magazine I’ll be writing for myself this semester. My makeup-bag because some days I choose to look a little more alive — the mirror to check that I do so before walking out the door. A power bank because I’m dependent on my phone (mostly to take pictures) and post-it-notes that I just got in a course where I challenged myself. Lastly, the view. I absolutely love nature and the mountains here!

This was probably a bit long, but I tinker well when I write it down. So here it is.