Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The Peer Game Showcase in class has shown a big variation of different kind of video games. One video game that really catch my eye, was «Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice».

“Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” is a mix of the genres action and adventure.
An action game is often an intense game that involves some kind of physical drama. An adventure game, on the other hand, involve mysteries and puzzle. Adventure games generally require deep thinking and a great patient from the player.


“Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” was released on August 8 in 2017, by the gaming developer «Ninja Theory». The developer describes the game a an «independent AAA game». AAA games is a term used for video games that is created by the biggest and riches video game developer studios. AAA games is often hyped up with a lot of advertisement. Independent AAA games is characterized by lower budgets, and a more open development process. «Ninja Theory» describes Independent AAA games as «taking creative risks and making spectacular, exciting and unique game experiences that can compete with AAA and engages fans directly», on their websites.


The game is set in the 8th century, and is deeply inspired by the Celtic culture and Norse mythology. The game is located in the fictive place, Helheim. As told in the peer game showcase presentation, the main character in the game is Senua. Senua is on a quest to save the soul to a person she love. The game include, among other things, combat fights and puzzles solving.


A big part of the video game is Senua’s personal struggle with her own mental health. Senua believes she is cursed. She hear voices in her head. During the development of the video game, the developers worked with both specialists on the mental health field, and with people that actually suffer of similar condition as Senua. “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” has really touched a lot of people that have played it. During the presentation in class, we got to see a video, that included people’s reaction, about what playing the video game made them feel.


I haven’t played the video game personally, but by watching videos on YouTube, researching online, and learning about it from the presentation in class, it seems like an amazing video game. Amazing both when it comes to the graphical and the storyline. The game also raises important topics about mental health.

This New Game

maxresdefaultCrazy week, the reason this is a bit late, just going to leave it at that. As I told you last week, I was going to have a game peer presentation and for those that wasn’t there, the game I presented was “One Hour One Life”. This game “came out” recently or alpha at least. I found this on youtube by a youtuber that makes videos on a lot of indi-games.

I just want to let the video of the developer that made this game give you the introduction of it.

As you can see this is a quite interesting and fascinating game. The whole idea of building up civilisation from scratch and that one is completely dependent on other players much like real life. There has never really been something like this before, at least not that I have seen. Funny thing is that I still haven’t played the game for myself, but what I have done is look at people play it. The idea of exploring the world and finding dead civilisations that didn’t make it is enticing. Not all civilisations will make it and this we can also see in history, just look at the great empire of Rome. Even as big that got it didn’t make it and had its downfall. Of course Rome was a more of a politic and expansion problem while in one hour one life, the big problem for the more simple civilisations is food and the knowledge of the people of that civilisations. If the players don’t learn the things that the “older” players have done to survive then the civilisation will fall.


The game started with players living like a hunter gatherer civilisation, and so far of what I have seen the civilisations that have survived went over to a farming civilisation. I have also seen something about the most advanced civilisation have come in to the bronze age. Which is quite a feat.

More than just what happens in the game is this idea of one only benign a small part of a bigger picture, where you have a small impact on the game. In most games you as the player is the big hero that is going to save the world (of course there is a lot of different games out there), but this small impact game play is very interesting. I can probably keep going with this game and I’m really looking forward to try it for myself (when I get the time), so I will just leave it at that and I really want to know what people think about this game. Look it up, try it, give me your thoughts.

Video Games – are they making us violent?

I am so sorry my blogpost for last week is a bit delayed, it has been crazy times. I am in the school revue and the premiere is getting closer, so I have been on rehearsals every night and in the weekend. SHAMELESS PROMO! We have also had a lot to do in the other subjects I am taking. “But those who waits for something good does not wait in vain” as we say in Norway! We are continuing on the subject of video games, and I wanted to take a closer look to the “negative” sides of gaming.

Throughout history, people have been worried about the effects of video games, bad and good. On multiple occasions violent video games have been linked to real violence irl (in real life, if you are not as hip as me). This has been a concern since the early arcade games, but now more than ever – with lifelike graphics and more advanced gamesplay.

The popular game Space invaders, made in Japan by Tomohiro Nishikado in 1978, was a big hit. The aim is to shoot all the aliens, but in the original plan, the aliens was supposed to be human soldiers. But they did not want to give the impression that killing humans was OK, so they changed it to aliens.

Today, shooting humans don’t seem to be a big issue. Mortal Kombat from 1992 started a trend of violent games. Sega wanted to offer games that appeals to an older audience. The media wrote that the game “offered children new ways to maim, dismember and murder unsavory opponents in a sadistic martial-arts tournament”. This of course made parents worried.

The Grand Theft Auto has also made some stories, containing sex, violence and of course theft. You can beat up hookers, nice huh? Woman as sex objects or victims is a repeating occurrence in games, and is harmfull for children of any sex. Woman do often have insignificant roles, og is often portrayed as week. But that is a whole other discussion.

The great president of America (please read with sarcasm) has also been trying to link video games to all the mass shootings that are happening in schools. So next Christmas, give your kid a gun insted! Se he or she can protect it self against video games.

The link between violence and videogames are controversial. Mia actually mentioned in class that a thing that they (the school shooters) actually have in common is creative writing, like Breivik wrote his manifest (So ABSOLUTELY NOT give your kid a typewriter for Christmas!) . Breivik also played video games, and Norwegian stores pulled a lot of the games he mentioned he used for “training” (like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft) of the shelves after the 2011 attack.

What do you think? Are games making us violent?
If you want to try and kill some aliens and see, you can play space invaders here!


– Lisa