Fun while it lasted

So this blog post is the conclusion to my career as a blogger. Its been interesting, stressfull, annoying, but most of all fun. This blog has made me look at DIKULT with a much broader view. Being forced to write down my own thoughts opened a new world of learning. Thinking about what to write next made me look at the smaller details in each class. Diving down in an ocean of themes and words alone and bringing back information spread on this blog.

What have I learned?

After this project i have learned a lot, both academically and personally. The first thing is english grammar. I have not written english since high school, so fr me to write english again on the university is challenging but also different. As a DIKULT student i have learned to think more for myself, make my own conclusions, use my own examples etc. It’s not easy in the beginning but after a while you learn to see connections between what you read and what you can see around you.

Thank you so much Mia!


Making a twitter bot (FAIL!)

An idea turned into a twitter account, which then turned into a broken dream. The idea was simple, a twitter bot that made random travel destinations and random transportation devices. The twitter account was fittingly named “Travelspontaneousnow”, but sadly the account quickly died.


Was something wrong with me, or did something more digital screw it up? Even though the bot didn’t work, I felt proud for the idea. All i got when trying to make this frankensteins monster come to life, was an error message. I tried foolow the steps on but it did in fact not work. I think there’s something wrong with me 😦

Twitter bot

Will i ever try to bring the bot back to life? Probably not, but the account is not deleted yet so who knows, maybe everybody deserves another chance

Electronic litterature

In DIKULT we talked about electronic letterature, and that made me think about my last blog post about multiple choice in games. In the beginning of the post I also mentoned the goodebumbs series which include choices which changes the story. After a quick search on the internet i found a really interesting website which is kind of an electronic twist on the goosebumbs books. The story is called Paranoia and is made and written by Kie Brooks. This story is the perfect blend between text based games and litterature. The site itself looks quite bland, but that is not important. Whats important is the story.


Okay so the story might not be as long as a goosebumbs book, but the story is as good or even better. This is a perfect example of how digital culture takes something as conventual as a book and makes a digital twist on it. As the story progresses you get more and more invested because it’s now “your” story.

Multiple choice in games

I grew up reading the goosebumps series of books, and just like that book series, the video game industry has blended that type of storytelling with gameplay. Telltale: the walking dead, fallout and life is strange to name a few, all include choices that you as the player need to decide, and these choices also changes the story. That way you feel more connected to the story because you shaped it. In the postapocalyptic world of fallout for example, you can stumble upon a lost child who asks you to bring him back to his family, on your travels you meet a slave owner who offers to buy the child (as a slave) for a lot of currency. You can sell the child, get more money and buy better equipment, but is it morally right? The player needs to evaluate his/her values.

Telltale games are heavily based on choices. The games themselfes are pretty simple gameplay wise. But you get more difficult choices like who to save and who to sacrifice. Possibly taking a character away from the story and adding/keeping another.


Another game with choices, that i played with my mates was Until Dawn on the playstation. This horror game follows a group of teenagers in a cottage on a mountain. The game is split in different chapters which follows each character. One of us would be in charge for each chapter and when a choice came up on the screen we would all yell what to do. We really learned a lot about eachother that night.