This website is the official class site for Dr. Mia Zamora’s DIKULT 103 “Digital Genres” course entitled Networked Narratives (#NetNarr).  The course is being held at the University of Bergen, Norway in Spring 2018.  Our course will be a journey into the worlds of digital art, video games, and electronic literature, as we seek to understand the transformative magic that may reside in making, composing, writing, and producing art in our digital age.  

This course will always be about the notion of digital alchemy.  The theme of alchemy will be our golden thread weaving our way through a special journey through the semester.  Alchemy is often thought of as the effort to turn something base or worthless into something precious, like gold.  But alchemy has also been about  breathing life into the inanimate – capturing the secret of the breath of life. Alchemy has sought to capture the source of transformative vitality.

So we will take this understanding of alchemy, and explore it actively in contemporary digital spaces.  And we will also strive to be digital alchemists ourselves. In other words, we will be thinking deeply about about digital art and textuality, but we will also be creative – we will make things, we will be storytellers, gamemakers, and artists, and we will spend time in the lab tinkering and breathing life into our own ideas.

Some key questions we will explore this semester:

-How has art and textuality been transformed in a computational environment?

-Do new forms of interactivity (and the creation of new types of agency in digital composition) generate a new form of aesthetic politics?

-What role(s) may digital writing, digital art, and digital games play in the development of new forms of community?  How do these cultural forms influence what is possible (or impossible) in society?

This website will serve as our collaborative e-locale for sharing our on-going work and our resources as we connect with other artists, scholars, and co-learners outside our formal classroom in Bergen, Norway. Welcome to #NetNarr!

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DIKULT 103: Dr. Mia Zamora's "Digital Genres" course at University of Bergen, Spring 2018