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Red Riding Hood – Donna Leishman Vol 1

I can’t belive this is my 10th blogpost, the last one!! Its soon exams and this blog has been so much fun trough this semester, a little sad that its my last one… For my final blog post, number 10, I´ve explored some more about elit – which I think is really interesting. Something that caught my eyes were Volume 1 RedRidinghood. The reason why it caught my interest is perhaps the main reason that its a story I’ve heard since I was a child, and the way its made was cool. I started the flash program and started the journey from there. The first picture is kind of cool, because its a bloody red background with a picture of ´red riding hood´(the girl). Its a simple black text; Red, and when you take the arrow on your computer over the text comes; Red Riding Hood, in another form of font type. The font type is more of a creepy form of text, which I think matches good with the story. You can click on different places on the screen to get the ´story´ of red riding hood, and there pops up a new screen with the story, later on you can choose different optional narrative paths, which later on will have an end to the choices you have taken trough the story.

Leishmans´s rendition of Red Riding Hood is fairy-tale narrative, that’s all about the little girl with a red hood, who is going to bring food and flowers for her sick grandma. On the way there is a wolf following her. When she is going to pluck flowers she is falling asleep, then you are getting a choice on the story – the first one; (shall red dream? or wake her up!) I chose to wake her up. Meanwhile red is waking up, the wolf is going to her grandmas house, pretending to be reds grandma when she arrives. Leishman´s playful retelling of Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale is turned out kind of comic.




When we talk about elit the sound plays an important role in different storys, it makes us more attached to the story, and for me its important because its more fun! In this story (Red Riding Hood) you only get one soundtrack which is a jazzy soundtrack. This story really made me think about how elit is more focused on making you think, rather than just reading a story. This makes you interact with the story – because you can choose different paths and takes the story to another level – which is pretty cool don’t you think?? Its been fun learning about elit and different electronic literature, and this course has been very very interesting!! We have learned about digital art, gaming and electronic literature; the thing that was most interesting for me was learning about gaming. In my first blog post about gaming I mentioned that I’m not a gamer (of course on my iPhone with apps) but after I’ve learned more about gaming (which I didn’t know much about) I’ve actually started gaming more! Its weird to end the blog here, but I’m looking forward to learning more in the future!
(I tried to make a twitter bot this week but I couldn’t manage to make it work, I tried to get some help but they didn’t manage either… Sad to tell you, it looked fun. I followed the “recipe” but yeah, it didn’t work..sadly. Therefor I chose to wright about this story instead, so I hope you liked it – even though it´s not a twitter bot.)

  • Shortly a twitter bot is a piece of generative fiction.


From Gaming to Electronic Literature

Now we will go from gaming to ELIT, which is the last part of this course (Electronic Literature). We have been trough so much fun this year such as digital art, gaming and now Electronic literature! Now “Elit” isn’t the same as the literature that first comes to our mind, such you find in book stores. “Elit” refers to a work with an important literary element, it utilizes connections provided by networked computers, this developed to become digital literature. There are some terms, which I will talk shortly describe, that can make us understand “Elit” better:


// Hypertect Fiction; is a genre of electronic literature that for example choses the outcome in an analog
// Interactive Fiction; something that gets produced, like trans-formative
// Kinetic Poetry; is a form for poetry
// Generative Fiction; choices, language
// Locative Fiction; informative, storytelling – art


Electronic Literature is a genre of literature created exclusively on and for digital devices, such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. A work of electronic literature can be defined as “a construction whose literary aesthetics emerge from computation.” Electronic literature adapts new elements by technology, and it wouldn’t exist without the computer, and by using elements such as pictures, videos and design. These elements separates itself from the traditional books. In today´s society technology is a major part of our everyday life. This digitizes the traditional forms, such as books readable online. The fact that computers are such a big part of our daily lived makes the “Elit” work attractive for the main reason that it suits better. The lyrics on a song you’ve heard is a good example for kinetic poetry because its a cultural representation and the videos are changing and advanced. Some of the videos have more elements than other, but in my opinion I like it with less elements so I can focus on the lyrics.


Here is a youtube video with lyrics, basic design, easy to see the lyrics.


Here is another youtube video with lyrics on a different song, with more fancy design – which can make it harder to follow the lyrics.

elit.png eeelit.jpg
My first impression of “Elit” is that the design isn’t used so much energy and time on developing. It works good for me when I get a good first impression of a page to get the interest to check it out, and I might have been a little disappointed at the design, and hoped for more exiting elements, and I don’t really understand the design. But this is my first time learning about “Elit” so maybe I’m just not used to it yet!


Hope you liked my post!

The Sims

In our class we have had some presentations about gaming and games, and since I am going to talk about a game, I would love to talk about my favorite childhood game – the Sims!!




The video game “The Sims” can be defined as “simulation of daily activities for one or more virtual individuals (sims) in a smaller suburb outside SimCity.” One could say that the player is in a virtual dollhouse. The game is developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game is created by Will Wright, who is the developer behind SimCity and SimEarth also! The game was published in 2000, and it was a huge success, it is one of the most bestselling games in the world! Unlike other video games, it doesn’t have a specified goal or a definite end. Instead it focuses on the daily lives of the sims and regular activities like sleeping, eating, reading and watching TV (like our actual life is like). The player has the opportunity to make his own sim (person) but there are also a number of pre-installed sims, such as other sims in the neighborhood.
The thing that I really love about this game, is that its a world of opportunities! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can build your dream house, and decorate it the way you wish, you can build an amazing garden with a swimming pool and a lot of other stuff. There is some difference between the first game and the newest, of course with a technology that is constantly growing the games has better design and opportunities than the first game. I love that you can play the game forever, and pause it when you want. You can also play with the sims, how they should look, their personality, their clothes, and also for pets, and babies.
sims lager.jpg


Have you played the sims? Hope you liked my post!



Happy Easter

It´s another week, and the semester is close to the end. I’m home for this thing called Easter – Break or Holiday, we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It´s fun with a holiday and a break from school this week!


Last week Mia shared her work with us, which was a launch event for her art installation entitled Textransformations. We were at the Bergen University Library for this opening. It was really fun actually, she gave us pizza and we watched some art. Fun and interactive experience.


serious games

On Thursdays lesson, we learned some more about gaming and games. The theme this week was different from last week, the theme was serious-,  and empathy – games. These games are designed with a different purpose than just entertainment, but rather to create feelings in the game and induce feelings in the player. Some games are developed for this exact purpose. Games are fun. It can be hard to imagen that people play as serious games as it is today, such as shooting games and more cruel actions. Does this develop feelings with the player? Games like Survival were developed using young immigrants and refugees, who shared the experiences and challenges they met on their way to reach Europe. Technically speaking, it’s a simple game with free visual programming languages that are designed for children. It’s no coincidence that serious games not only intend to entertain but also to inform, educate and raise their own understanding of the problems that exist around us in the world.


// Happy Easter, and I hope you all have a nice holiday! See u next week.






Games Aesthetics

In my last blog post I talked about understanding what games are and to give a sense of the formal qualities that we can use to decide what constitutes a game. In this week’s lectures we have looked more closely at how we can understand major game features like interactivity, rules, game space, aesthetics and culture. By aesthetics I am referring to all aspects of video games which are experienced by the player. The cultural position of video games is referred to the cultural relationship between video games and other older media.


fortnite battle royale map update.png


Limitation determine what you and other characters in the game can and cannot do, and which actions or events increase or decrease the players score. The term ´gameplay´ is often used but its difficult to define, I understand it as how it feels to play a game, the feelings influenced by the games audio and the visual aspects. I feel that gameplay is more considered a consequence of the games rules rather than its representation.

Geography and representation:
The world of video games is typically represented to the player by means of graphics and sound. Graphics may me two – or three – dimensional, the sound may be more realistic or that they are more cartoonish.

Number of players:
In terms of design and development single – player games greatly from multi player games. Computer controlled opponents, environment and players actions.

Something I find interesting is the aesthetics by playing a game. The feeling that the gamers sit with when they are playing games, how the sound, graphics and the rules is influencing the player. The graphics nowadays is so developed that it looks more or less like real life, this makes the game more fun (in my opinion). Video games is a new worldwide media, which have significant influence on popular culture by its increasing by popularity. Video games/games is something that almost every single person plays, if its on their phone (apps) or on their computer. Everyone I know plays games on their phone, or have done it in before. Video games has become a culture in my opinion, because its something a lot of people does once or twice in their life and its a very popular social platform.


Welcome back!

Winter break is over and it´s time to come back to school and blog posts again! In this week’s lecture the subject was about video games. We are going to learn about Video Games, something that I don´t know much about so this will be exciting. I wouldn’t say I’m a gamer, but I have been playing games as The Sims since I was a little girl, and games on my phone. So, I’m looking forward to learn more about this subject.
What Is a Game?

It´s hard to define what a game is, but I found a definition from Salen & Zimmerman (Rules of Play) that I think defines what a game is quite well; A game is a system in which players engage in artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome. 
When we talk about games there are different theories that communicate with each other that will help us understand what a game includes, I will go into some of them. Johan Huizinga´s ´´The magic circle´´ is one of the theories; The space in which the normal rules and reality of the world are suspended and replaced by the artificial reality of a game world. But, isn’t there a more fluid relationship between virtual worlds and the real world? Another theory is that games are tied to the culture from which they emerge, and they reflect that culture (Marshall McCluhan, Media Theory). There are many other theories, but I feel like these explains well.
3 Dimensions of Games:

  1. Mechanics: Rules and basic code of a game; the information that goes into constructing the world of the game, the coding and the algorithms.
  2. Dynamics: The way the game plays based on the mechanics, the functions and the end experience.
  3. Aesthetics: The elements combined that attracts us so the game, our feelings such as fantasy, sensation, expression etc.

I thought I could talk quickly about the differences between the one of a kind pac-man one of the first game and fortnite which is a popular game at the moment.

Pac-Man was a popular game and is considered a classic game and became a symbol of the 1980s popular culture. In the game you control a yellow circle with a mouth and eyes. It moves around in a maze and eats dots and prizes as it comes across them, while four ghosts try to catch it. Pac-Man became the bestselling game, and it´s still a game people play!

pac man

Fortnite is a battle royal game, which means that it´s all against everyone until the last man stands alive. You land on a path optionally on a map, and you can choose different skins depend on who you want to be. The game is basically that you must be the last one alive, and you do this by shooting the other players. You look for weapons and health kits etc. while playing to help you survive until the end.



As you may know Pac-Man was made in the 1980s and Fortnite made I 2017. There are BIG differences in how the games are made, graphics, sound, experience etc. and of course between 2D and 3D. Before the games had a heart beat as sound, and the graphic was pixels, now it´s so developed that it feels like real life! Not just the sound but the image as well. The gaming industry has come a long way!


This blog post turned out to be longer than I expected but I still hope you enjoy it! Have a nice weekend. And see mu k


Not so long ago we had about Net Art and #SelfieUnselfie. The theme is further reflection on the issue of self-representation in the digital age.

This is my #dda for the week:


This is random art, where I should put my name in a column and then it came up a random art. How cool is that?!


A selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. One day I probably see twenty selfies while skimming social media, and other days I’m sure that I see hundreds. I have been noticing that selfies are supposed to be ´´perfect´´. There are so many different selfies on for example Instagram; slim, well trained, pretty selfies. Selfies for women and men are often perceived in this way. I feel like it has become a thing to appear perfect on social media, not only in terms of selfies but also images around a perfect life. I think many of the popular women and men on Instagram try to hide their ´not so perfect´ side, by creating perfect selfies and images around their lives. This ´trend´ might confuse people with what really separates a selfie from a portrait. What separates a selfie from any self-portrait taken with a phone or a camera is that it´s shared via social media Young people post pictures from everyday situations, and it´s become more popular for older to follow the trend. The ever-present selfie is at once an individual performance, but it also is a communal and public activity. There are different opinions between different cultures what selfies claims to be. Some claim selfies are a mark of our narcissistic culture. And some see the selfie more positively; as a confirmation of self-love. Yet others consider selfies simply a new version of the old idea of a self-portrait.
This is my #SelfieUnselfie:

selfie unselfiee.jpg

The first picture is a selfie of myself that I have posted on Instagram. There is no specific reason why I wanted to post this exact selfie. It´s just a simple selfie with a smile and edited with a grey filter. This picture doesn’t reveal much, but it shows that I am happy. It doesn’t reveal who I am, just a picture of myself. There are many things it doesn’t reveal, such as my personality.

The other picture is the unselfie, it´s an image of the sea in Greece and as you can see it´s not a selfie but it still represents a part of me even if I’m not in the picture. I love to travel, and I love the sea – something that shows a part of me, and that’s the reason why I wanted to post this exact picture.
Have a nice weekend!


SKY MAGIC – another form for art

Hello everyone! Sunday´s are always nice, but today it´s a little extra special day. It´s both Mother´s day AND Fastelavn!

/ This week

This week started with us making GIF´s. I’ve been using the GIFs on Facebook Messenger for a long time, so it´s nothing new for me. It´s a funny way to express how you feel, or send something funny to a friend. I also posted a DDA this week on my twitter.  We were supposed to have a lab group this week, and make remixes, but it was cancelled. So it´s coming 🔜.


27990816_1569562329802398_1156114539_o.jpgtweet blogg.jpg

There is a link to my twitter down below 👇🏼

/ Sky Magic

The theme this week has been more or less about digital art, networked art and installation art. Instead of going into each of them and explain, I will focus on what caught my eye with interest. We looked at a piece of digital art called “Sky Magic Live at Mt. Fuji, Drone Ballet Show”. The main focus was on the drones and lighting up the “dark sky”. I think it´s fascinating watching the drones move so synchronized, and the drones have not existed so long either, so it´s interesting to see this development.

drone blogg


These flying machines, LED flying machines controlled by MIDI. I’ve watched drones on videos before, on FaceBook, YouTube etc. but I haven’t seen them being used in this experimental form before and with lights, which made it so nice to look at. This show brought me into a world of technology, and it was seductive. Here is a link to the video, if you want to watch, very interesting: Sky Magic. I feel like the drones are getting more and more popular, I even have one at my home which is really fun to play with (just a regular one). I have even seen the more expensive ones with maybe LED lights and the more fancy ones used at openings on shows, concerts etc. Drones are both used in form for military use or for fun maybe, and are flying machines controlled by a person. (It´s cool that they used drones for the opening at the Olympic Games!!)
The focus on the drones and lightning up the dark sky, may seam like they are trying to seduce the viewer, which works because it´s catching your attention. The way everything is organized, the synchronized drones, LED lights, where the mountain is placed, the music etc. all these things combined together is catching your eye. The music was some kind of guitar. I think they combined the modern (drones and LED lights) with the traditional (guitar music, traditional clothes, nature) for a reason. Maybe to seduce the viewer? Or maybe another reason? I think that these elements combined together, creates a good relationship between nature and technology.



/ Last week it was time for studying digital art and the movements of art that occurred during the 1900´s, and in the lab group last Monday we made memes! During the winter season, on a grey Monday (At least in Bergen..) it was fun to do something different in class. I´ve learned how to make a meme (It´s my first time making one), a tiny bit about the computer history etc. So… I tried to come up with something funny, but this is what I came up with! (#dda= Daily Digital Alchemy)

meme blogg.jpg
This we´re going to make a GIF about #netnarr (as I explained in the previous post), this have become a kind of calling card of Internet culture. We´ve all seen them. They populate the Internet on blogs and social media and are part of what makes news and entertainment sites popular. GIFs are often used for an entertainment and as statements, maybe also replies in online conversations. I feel that they are often used to illustrate concepts in a funny way. You can also look at it as art in some way. A GIF is basically an image file format that is animated by combining several other images or frames into a single file. This is displayed in succession to create an animated clip or short movie. But enough about explaining what a GIF is, because I think you all know what it is. 😂 I will make a GIF this week, and it will be up on the blog by Sunday! ✏



I am a 19-year-old girl from Stord, and I currently live in Bergen. I study Digital Culture at the University in Bergen (UiB), and in this course ¨Digital Genres¨also known as Networked Narratives (#NetNarr) will be networked. This course is a journey into the worlds of the digital art, electronic literature, and computer games, as we seek to understand and transform the making, composing, writing, and producing art in our digital age. I find this course interesting and fun, since it´s relevant to this digital world we live in. So, our task for this semester is to tweet something from our lecture, or something related to Networked Narratives. Down below you´ll see a link to my twitter-account, and you are free to follow my tweets this semester.

bilde 2.jpg
Something I found interesting from this weeks lectures, was the history behind the making of computers and computing and the the episode of the documentary ¨Do not track¨. What’s interesting here is how we get tracked all the time while surfing on the internet. It´s a documentary about tracking, privacy and the web economy, and it shows how little privacy we really have, and it questions our relationship to the internet. The fact that we are being tracked on our every move regardless of what we do, is scary. This however, means that people out there may have information, and customize the content for me.

My digital life:
I am passionate about the digital world, social media, career like everyone else in today’s society. My iPhone and MacBook largely control my life – I check my phone when I wake up, throughout the day and its the last thing I do before I go to bed. There is so many digital things I´ve become in need of, for example the alarm, text message, contacts and all the social media apps; facebook, snapchat, instagram, twitter etc. These apps is my way to communicate with my friends and family when I´m not around, or to share memes I think is funny. In our student life we are also dependent on the digital, we communicate over a website and deliver our tasks there. So, the social media is something that the youth nowadays are maybe obsessed with, and its become a part of our daily-life.