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Electronic literature

This week we were introduced to Electronic literature. I were kind of sceptical because I don’t really enjoy literature to often. I’ve often been told that I should read this and that but I’d much rather prefer to sit down and watch a movie or a series. I’ve been told that books are better because you can use your imagination instead of being told how something looks and feels from a screen. My problem with books is really that I just can’t seem to find a book that catches my interest and even when I do i forget what happened or what was said on the previous page. That’s why I prefer a movie over a book.

What I actually liked about Electronic literature was that there was actually something happening and something visual for me instead of the casual black text on white paper. Another part that i enjoyed was that the reader could actually decide the outcome of a situation on some level by getting options of what to do next or where to go. It almost felt like a simple platform game to some degree. And because I am a gamer and spend a lot of time on games I enjoyed that and it was kind of similar to some games you can find today. Something that I didn’t like was the ones where there were just words on the screen that was moving and kind of dancing around. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t really get the point and a lot of it didn’t make sense to me. I’m sure I felt that way just because I don’t generally like books and poems etc.

Over all I had a good experience and I learnt that some of it were actually cool, even for me. I’m glad we talked about it in class and were shown some examples.

Midterm Exam

So our break is over and i’m back in Bergen. The test has been open for a while but I figured I could postpone it to after the break. I have had it in the back of my mind for a while now but the deadline is not before the 20th of April. So the other day I finally started the test and it actually went better than expected. I was quite nervous, but I thought I could give it a go. We had 5 tries after all so it would not have been the end of the world if a failed on the first or second attempt. Surprisingly enough I made it on the first try. Even though I barely made it I don’t see a reason for doing it again when I’ve already passed. Now its time to relax for a while until the real exam in a couple of months.

Last week of gaming

So this is the third and last week of lectures on the gaming topic sadly. Unfortunately this was the smallest part of the course, however three weeks is better than none. I´ve really enjoyed these weeks because I grew up around this and have spent huge amounts of time on my computer playing games. Mostly i play online and multiplayer games because I prefer playing with my friends rather than playing by myself. Even though I mainly play multiplayer games, I though it was great listening to our fellow students talking about their favorite games even though it was mostly singelplayer games. If it were not for the class and I just saw something online on the same game I would probably just scroll past it or don’t watch it.

Gaming history

Throughout the last couple of weeks we have been watching through some videos on YouTube titled “the history of games” or something. Where we learn about the first types of computers and all the big events that happened within the gaming community. They’ve talked about the famous character Mario and the first paddle game etc. And it just goes to show how far we’ve come within technology from then to modern day. What they made then is nothing but still a huge deal because without it we would not have made it till were we are today. And that’s really interesting to see how we worked our way up to where we are today.

And the end of thursday’s lecture i believe it was, there was some students that talked about on of their favorite games and that was also really cool. I never heard of the last game and it was a whole other game than the ones that i usually play, but that’s what makes it interesting. Because everyone has their on experiences and games they’ve spent time on, and therefore they can tell us about new games that you might never stumble upon if it were not for this class.


Introduction to gaming

This week we started talking about gaming, which will be the more interesting part of the class for me this semester. The first day we went through some common gaming phrases like “fps”, “mmorpg etc. Because I’ve spent lots of time gaming and grew up around it with three bigger brothers I knew most of them. At the end of the lecture on Tuesday there was one of our classmates who talked about game development and testing which were really interesting to me because I’ve never knew anyone who worked with that kind of stuff before. That’s why it was cool to learn about how it works and how long it actually takes to create a game from start to beta and then finish it up. Something that also was interesting was listening to how many people that were actually a part of the team and that was working on them, even though these were games that I’ve never heard about. I can only imagine how many people the bigger game companies consists of. Excited for next week already to find out what topics and games Mia/our classmates are going to be talking about.


To be honest, I had a hart time finding anything that reached out to me on the website we were supposed to check out for this week. After quite some time I finally found a GIF/picture with some text that kind of spoke to me. “” For some reason I were not able to upload it, therefore I had to paste in the URL to the site where i found it. I believe that this was interesting to me because I’ve never knew what i really wanted with life or what to become and still don’t. What’s interesting by this to me is that I were talking to my friend about something like this a couple of weeks ago and I told her what my  dreams were and what i actually would love to be working with or whatever. And then she asked my why I haven’t done anything about it yet. It may sound cheesy because it is but I’ve always thought to myself that it’s unrealistic and nothing will change. But what if, there is nothing better than working with something that you love and that was sort of a wake up call for me. What’s the worst that could happen?

Second post

I believe that there’s always gonna be someone who refuses to let their form of art to be a part of the digital world. There’s no way it can be stopped on a global scale but I think that some will always prefer the “old fashioned way”, Which is a good thing. Today there is so many directions and different paths to go and that means there is always potential for new artists and originality. If someone prefers painting or drawing by hand, who’s there to stop them?

Today it’s all about digitization and that’s great and all, but do we really need to digitize everything? I’m all for it but we don’t necessarily need to put our old ways behind us. As if we don’t spend enough of our time on mobile phones and computers already. I believe that there’s gonna be digitization within art but it doesn’t have to absorb everything, as in a matter where everything is replaced. Yeah, change is good and there will be more opportunities but by all means there should be room for both ways.

On the other hand, there could be benefits from this as well. One would get all the benefits there is today in digital art. Where you could get instant responds, people would have easy access to your work and you could use tools that allows you to make mistakes on a computer. Where you can undo or erase if you were to make a mistake. These are just some of the things you would benefit from. Will they always be benefits though? It doesn’t necessarily need to be a good thing that people will have easy access too all of your work. What if someone were to steal it and use it as their own, or use it without the authors permission? There is both good and bad sides in all of this and there is still a long way to go to find a solution around all of these problems.

Anyways, this was my take on this weeks lecture.

First week

The first week of #nettnarr is over, both twitter and wordpress accounts are created and ready for use. Last Tuesday we discussed the change we have gone through from normal art to digital art. Today there is room for more artists and it is nice that the digital age makes is easier for you and me to publish and get views and opinions on such a large scale. I don’t think you need to get your name out there first and then people are gonna like you, and that’s a huge deal within art in my opinion. I believe that with digital art everyone has a chance to make it and there is room for more creativity. There are also tools for undoing and erasing etc, which is great.

For me photoshop has always been interesting, therefore I have spent quite some time on it in the past couple of years. And I would say that I know my way around it pretty well. I might be a little rusty now but even though I have spent some time on it there is a million things I don’t know how to do and I’m excited to start using it again and explore the world of digital art.