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Hello computer, how are you today?

Today I were thinking of trying out different chatbots, to see what kind of narrative one could achieve with a one way communication as I will have a set list of conversation. With this little experiment I will try out 3 different chatbots and give them a set conversation line for them to reply to. I will note down my results for each chatbot and see where they vary and how accurate their response is.

The 3 chatbots:

  1. Pewdiebot
  2. Kiyana
  3. Rose

The phrases and the answers I got:

  • Hi, my name is Stalin, what’s yours?

Pewdiebot: Dn!!
Kiyana: Hiya Stalin-san!!
Rose: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Nice to meet you, Stalin. My name is Rose

  • What is your favorite video game?

Pewdiebot: THAT IS A SECRET!!
Kiyana: You want to talk about me?
Rose: My favorite MMO is World of Warcraft


  • How is the weather?

Pewdiebot: It’s very cold here with the lovely, beautiful me
Kiyana: Do yo have any brothers or sisters?
Rose: It’s nice enough out. But it’s pretty reasonable the year round


  • What is 2/4+2*4?

Pewdiebot: I meant little big plante
Kiyana: I know that one! I read it in a book! It’s 8.5! =^.^=
Rose: It isn’t important. San Francisco is perverse. When you expect sunny it’s fog and chill winds, but just when you think winter’s nearly here, it goes sunny

  • What do you think of bitcoin?


Pewdiebot: I, I don’t know what that is!!
Kiyana: Mayybe 
Rose: I adore the idea of cryptocurrencies. I prefer Aetherium.

  • If you could have traveled anywhere in the universe, where would you go?

Pewdiebot: Paris in Sweden
Kiyana: Do you like anime or manga?
Rose: OK. Given that… I don’t know. Depends on where my work takes me.

  • Do you prefer Canada or USA?

Pewdiebot: DS
Kiyana: I can never make decisions. nyaaa
Rose: It would be a wonderful country if it weren’t so far north. I like Vancouver. It has a mellow climate and wonderful industrial relic shops.

The result is that Pewdiebot has the intelligence as the average Swedish person, Kiyana got distracted but were the only one that could do simple math, meanwhile Rose seemed to be the most efficient chatbot, but I suspect Rose expected a conversation about weather when I asked about the simple math. I tried to ask Rose again “What is 2/4+2*4?”, the bot replied with a statement that I’ve asked that before.

This type of interaction could be a big improvement in writing movie scripts or stories of their own. Could also be a huge help in video games where the responses often are predictable and “written in stone”. The only bad thing is that the narrative in video games isn’t decided by simple conversations, but the coded events that a conversation might lead to.


Into the unkown

As stated in my last blog post, I don’t have much experience with electronic literature(elit). But since this and the last blog post should be about elit, I thought about at least explore some elit. So my first adventure brings me to the third Elit collection, and I thought that I could write a first impression of my first elit experience. The first that caught my attention is the game Dwarf Fortress, which to my knowledge is classified as a game and has inspired lots of other games such as Minecraft and Gnomoria. World of Warcraft even acknowledges Dwarf Fortress with a little easter egg. But I promised myself that I would venture into something new and only god knows how many hours I’ve spent on Minecraft and Gnomoria, if I were to try Dwarf Fortress, this blog would be postponed at least another month. So the final choice I ended up with to explore is Motions. Now I just need to turn my cellphone on mute, get a fresh glass of water. Dim the light a bit, turn the volume up and maybe light a candle for mood effect.

And let’s go.

Right, so that was something completely new. The first page mentions the setting for the story, a grim setting. But the first word that popped out were slavery. My mind wandered a bit off to the fact that there are several countries in the world that still uses slavery. The strangest country might be USA in their 13th amendment.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Which sounds “fair” if their legal system were fair. But that would deserve a whole new blog post.

But as I started the journey through Motions, the first few “pages” were simple text that tries to confuse the reader. And as the music started to heat up and the pictures appeared and the text got skewed, transformed and the only solid thing to read where the square box that sometimes appeared, I believe they wanted to give the reader a sense of confusion to the whole narrative. Some words I picked up made me think about other things while the music where in the back of my head. Prostitutes from Thailand, terrible fate, but it reminded me of a documentary I saw over the easter holiday where on an island in Thailand families would sell their children over the Internet, forcing them to strip down in front of a web camera and/or even perform sexual acts. This were children in the young stage of 4-8 years old. It were a common problem on that island, but since the economy of Thailand are the way they are, families broke all humanity and sold their children were they could get a months payment in only an hour, it also made me reflect to the child pornography case that flooded here in Norway, where one police officers in Bergen were caught reading erotic fiction with children as the main characters.

About halfway I skipped a “page” to fast before I read everything the “page” has to offer, I pressed the left arrow key and expected to come back to the same “page”, but it showed me a different page. I then pushed forward while taking a note on what page I were on, and back again to see if this perhaps were another one of the authors trick to confuse the reader, thus creating an hectic situation. Which were true, the “pages” were unlinked and once you completed a “page” there were no turning back. A phrase caught my attention, as I remember it were “I’m just another statistic”, which is very depressing to think about. One can not save the world from all the horror that resides in it, each one live day to day and deal with their own problems, but still there are many out there that needs help, in one way or another.

The second word that sent me drifting in memory lane were Chinese prisoner. It reminded me of another documentary I’ve seen. About garlic, the garlic industry in USA to be presise. A man tried to document, and he succeeded with his freedom at stake by taking a hidden camera into a Chinese prison and seeing the prison slave peel garlic that were then sold to the international market. Even though China forbids selling prison processed goods to the outside of China, the man showed that USA were still able to import these peeled garlic from China. Some of the prisoners nails that they used to peel the garlic were getting soft at the end of the day, and therefor basically useless in the peeling action, so they started to use their teeth to peel the garlic. Essence of that documentary is to never ever buy peeled garlic from China. Unless you don’t mind your food to have been in another humans mouth before eating.

At the end the simple text that were in the start came back, and one could then pick up some information about what happened. But in the end the whole experience were filled with deliberate confusion and as sad as the subject is, it’s nothing new, nothing shocking. Just a sad reminder of the world we all live in.

Now for the whole experience, it was something new. I guess I might have picked another subject since this is nothing that I would repeat doing, unless I want to go into a deep depression and feeling of helplessness.

Pseudo choices

I’ll start with an little confession of mine. Reading literature has never been an interest of mine. It’s simply not my medium, I’ve tried to read at different occasions and the most successful were when I plowed through 100 pages of a Norwegian novel by Mads Larsen, called “Crack, Back & Sack“. But the only reason for me reading, where lack of other leisure activities to do as I was waiting in the waiting room at Tromsø hospital. I’ve tried to read novels that I have previous knowledge in and interest but fell asleep 15 pages in and don’t get me started on academic books, 500 words to explain a simple concept that could be explained in 2 simple sentences. Other than that I were always a fast reader, the speediest reader in my school and I’m even born on the world book day, I guess there is some kind of irony to be found there. As a writer I’ve co-written a children’s book about my hometown as a product for my student company for my economics bachelor degree. We won the county championship, though we did not proceed to win the national championship. But again books and literature is not my medium by far.

And now I’m about to venture into electronic literature. Now my experience with electronic literature is limited if you don’t count E-books, I guess the only literature I’ve read are the lore books you can find in World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls series.

Ulfr the blind(The Elder Scrolls – Skyrim, a joke made by Bethesda about a blind bandit and his book)

Now one thing that caught my attention from the lecture were stories with multiple paths. It reminded me of the concept “Illusion of choice” from video game theory. A concept where the player gets to chose how the story unfolds, and the illusion part is that no matter what the player chooses, because of the amount of work needed to flesh out a complete story, the story usually expands and then narrows down to the same ending. Perhaps with a little nod to previous encounters and choices made there. Beside Bethesda and CD Projekt as two great story tellers, you have BioWare that’s behind games as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, two games that heavily uses player choices to influence the narrative of the story they are trying to tell.

If you want to know more about the “Illusion of choice” Extra Credit made a good video explaining the concept.

Inverse Midas Touch

In spite of being one of the easiest subjects I can talk about for hours with anyone that shows interest, writing about games is harder than I thought. I’ve tried “reviewing” a game but it felt as a weak blog post and didn’t spike my peak interest in the research stage, I could talk for an extended period about Slay The Spire to a person and explain as we converse the game mechanics, quirks and why it’s a “hidden” indie gem. But as far as reviews go I prefer them in a video format, with real gameplay that shows off the mechanics the reviewer is talking about. Now for the second blog post about games I’ve talked about the rising trend of E-sport with Dota 2 as an example. It’s fun to see the things you played around with for all those years becoming something that people with amazing skills and dedication can compete and earn an honest living off.

For the last blog post about games I’ve thought about talking about video game history. But that’s an immense broad subject that rather fits in a book or documentary rather than a measly blog post that is supposed to be fast and snippy piece of information or a persons opinion. To put it into perspective, the popular Nintendo company was founded over 120 years ago(!), in 1889 to be precise. Ok then, how about narrowing it down to the golden games in history? Sounds easy at first but video games have been around for a long time and there have been many pioneering and revolutionizing games over the years, writing about that would simply mean I have to exclude some games and that wouldn’t be appropriate, since it only tell half of the story.

So how about flipping the concept of golden games? Let’s talk about terrible games. Well hold your horses, there have been as many if not more terrible games created. Which is one argument a pirate might use for defending piracy, company cash grabs with releasing unfinished games. Well, almost there, how about a game that is almost the symbol of a turning point in video game history?

Introducing E.T the Extra-Terrestrial.

Now why is this game released in 1982 a big deal? Well first let me paint the picture for you, in the 80’s video game industry blossomed into a big business, arcade machines, home consoles. People could and they did play at the arcades, quarters swallowed up by the arcades, consoles and games that followed bought at the store spelled ka-ching for the video game developers. Now that companies got the taste of money, companies wanted in. Now as a company, your only goal is to make money. A memo a certain president didn’t get, so sad. But how does a regular company make money? Make a product and sell it. If you manage to make a product cheap and sell it at the market value, you’re golden. That’s another memo each company knows. But to quote one of the “Mozart” of video game industry “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” – Shigeru Miyamoto.

Now the following period there were a lot of game releases. In these days it’s called shovelware. And of course the costumers noticed, and complained about the amount of games being released with the promise of fun, excitement and whatever you expect a video game to provide. But all they  got were games with bad coding, terrible game design and outdated/non existing  sound. This made the costumers distrust the developers and after a while the “video game bubble” that were established in the 80’s bursted. In the end, the video game crash of 1983 say a decline in video game purchases and the whole industry suffered. Not only the late companies trying to make an easy profit. But also certified and solid video game companies. The year before the hallmark game of terrible design E.T were introduced. Atari expected this game to sell very well considering the golden age of video games, and the success of the movie. But in the end the proof were in the pudding all along. It’s even rumored that Atari buried the games in a landfill.

Now everything I’ve talked about could be explained in more and better details in other sources but here’s the original thought in all this madness, but first another quote. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

The amount of shovelware that you can find at the largest digital game distributor Steam, is immense. Valve, the creator and owner of Steam is trying to reduce the amount of shovelware and at the same time make an plattform where new creative and innovative video game creators can sell their product. Just to name some shameless examples of shovelware, one can write up and down about the “video game creator” Sergey Titov. He has as much credibility in the video game community as the movie community has in Uwe Boll. Both creating fast and cheap products in their fields, playing of the hype that surrounds the subject they made.

So as a closing thought in a rather lengthy blog post, I hope the video game industry stays strong and that there still will be paragons of making good solid video games in the future.


The International

No I’m not talking about the 2009 movie starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. This is far more serious, exciting and nerdy. The International is the grand championship of Dota 2.

Now if you’re not familiar with Dota 2 it’s a Moba game made by Valve. There are plenty of Moba games out there but no other than Dota 2 is worth mentioning. Could be a biased opinion of me but I’m writing this blog and my views are the law here. Just thank god an ignorant like me isn’t a president of some poor country(#pun).

But assuming now that you checked out the provided  links to the terms you might be unfamiliar with, I will continue about The International. The International is to this day the biggest E-Sport event if you measure by prize pool, the 2017 prize pool were at a staggering 24.787.916$ where most of that prize pool came from crowd sourcing by fans of Dota 2.

Now how do one compete in The International? Well first you have to get your team an invite to the event. Some teams get direct invitations from Valve and other teams have to compete in Major Championships to earn their invite to The International. When you secured an invitation the last hurdle could be getting into the country where The International is held, the first year were in Germany then for 5 years it were held in USA, this year it will be held in Canada. There have been multiple incidents were a player or team had problem with getting a proper visa to stay and compete in USA. One of the more sad stories is about Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg, a swedish pro Dota 2 player that got denied visa for commentating The International 2017. The irony is that AdmiralBulldog previously have competed and even won The International. On one hand he is Swedish, on the other he has been there before and the agency that gives out visa should know him by now.

The tournament itself is based on group play, where the teams are pitted against each other depending on their standings. The best seed gets to play against the teams that barely made the invitation. If one team loses its down to the lower bracket. If they lose there, its out of the tournament.

So if you’re interested this years The International begins(if you don’t count qualification to get an invite) 20 August, and the finals will be held 25 August. It may be strange to watch people play video games for the non gamers. But with the huge prize pool hanging over the players heads, where split second decisions could mean the difference of becoming a millionaire and famous in a large community or being the one that 322 a game, the pressure is certainly on.

If the curiosity is peeked, I can serve you a highlight from a previous The International game, also a documentary from Valve about 3 teams that competes to become the ultimate champions in Dota 2:

The Alliance(Sweden(With previously mentioned AdmiralBulldog)) vs Na’Vi(Ukraine), The International 2013, Finals
S4 Million Dollar Dream Coil

Free To Play

Games worth playing 1/3

Now I’ve written 3 blog posts where I dive down and research obscure facts about technology and how it has affected our life and art today. I’ve written 1 bad blog post that were more of a rant and now as it’s the subject of games I want to write 3 blog posts about games I would highly recommend for people to play. I will also include some honorable mentions at the end of each game I talk about since there are simply to many games to go in depth with.

Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire is a turn based deck building roguelike game that is made by the game studio Mega Crit. As of now there is not much fleshed out story to the game since it’s in early access. But the developers are continuously making new content and bug fixes every week. It’s a single player game but in the recent patches you can do a daily event where you compare your score to other players in the leader boards.

Now the gameplay is quite simple. You start off as either the character Ironclad or the silent. Each with their own cards that they can play to inflict damage, debuff the enemy, buff yourself or increase your own defence. There are 3 floors, with a unique boss at the end of each floor. Throughout the floor you can run into monsters, shops, mysteries, resting place or elite monsters. After each combat you gain the ability to chose 1 of 3 cards to add to your deck or skip adding a card. After a couple of battles you start to realize that this simple game has a big strategy aspect to it. Is it better to get that last card or are you better off without it since you don’t have to draw that extra card in combat and you already have a decent stack of cards. There are also achievements which varies from completing a full run in under a set amount of time, finish the game with 5 cards or less and etc.


Combat Screen


Map Screen


In summary it’s an incredible easy game to get into. There are no time limits or requirement for fast reflexes so it can appeal to people just wanting to sit down and concoct an masterful plan to survive the 3 floors and complete the game.

In fear of spoiling to much content I will just leave you with these vague info about the rest of the game, there are unlocks, there are relics and events that impacts your game and might change how you play the game. If I tickled you curiosity for a simple game that can easily be played on the go I urge you to check out the game on Steam or your preferred game retailer. If you’re still on the fence I’ve linked a let’s play of this game by the Canadian YouTuber Northernlion(He is known for cat distractions and long tangents, so beware).

Slay the Spire on Steam

Slay the Spire – Northernlion Plays – Episode 1


Honorable mentions:

Card Game: Hearthstone

Grand Strategy: Europa Universalis IV

Space Sandbox/Action: Avorion(EA)


Uninspired title

Selfie. Selfie, selfie, selfie.

To me that word only brings bad associations. People that are way to eager to show off themselves, people that wants to take that awkward group picture, or even worse, people that bought an “idiot stick” and goes around taking pictures of themselves in front of various landmarks. Why? Maybe you’re told that you’re incredible special since your childhood and in the end you believe it to the point that you think everyone is interested in looking at pictures of you standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Taj Mahal etc. No. Few people are interested. It’s no wonder why it’s a trope with one of the more boring stuff is to get stuck at some families house and forced to watch a slide show of their holiday.

And what is the point? If it’s true that one picture tells a thousand words, what does a selfie say about you as a person? Can you really tell a story with selfies? I think that a picture is only a step in showing who you are but relying on selfies to tell your life story is an extremely vague way to do so. Let’s say you have 10 selfies you feel represent the core of your being. How can an autobiography consisting of 10000 words really come close to describing one as a person? I mean even a new born baby would have a larger autobiography than 10000 words. Also don’t get me started with baby pictures. Sure they are the most adorable and special creatures in the world. To their parents, period.

Now this blog post comes of as hostile and blunt. Without research and full of my personal opinions regarding the act of taking pictures of yourself. But it is a toned down version of my draft for this blog post were the title would have been Selfie is stupid. Which I still think. To give it a scale of my opinions of people that bought and goes public with an “idiot stick”:

1 – people with socks and sandals

2 – people that takes video footage at a live concert

3/4 – people with “idiot stick” / people with swastika tattooed

5 – people that send unwanted nude pictures


In a rash conclusion. Don’t be the person who constantly takes selfies, enjoy the moment you’re in and if you want a picture to remember that moment, there is no need for you in the picture. We know you took the picture so there is nowhere else you could be. And for the love of god and all that is holy, never ever buy an “idiot stick”, unless it’s for halloween as a joke. And as a last little but important point. If you want people to get to know you, write something about yourself or even better talk with them.

Ada Girl Tit

I guess the first reaction would be that the title is something that’s made from having a stroke. But the fact is that it is an anagram for Digital Art where I could reference the first programmer Ada Lovelace in one go. Lastly for those with their mind in the gutter it stands for Ada’s female bird.

But today the subject is remix in art production. The first thought I get when I hear the word remix I think of music. Mostly I think of covers rather than actual remixes of a song.

As a few examples for people that don’t know what a cover song is.

Original for those who lived in Fritzl’s basement:
Ac/Dc – Shook Me All Night Long

Cover version for those with hearing impairment:
Céline Dion, Anastacia – You Shook Me All Night Long

But there are other examples of remixing, such as the featured image I’ve chosen for this post, it’s a remix of the famous picture by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci called “Mona Lisa”. But great artists isn’t the ones that can inspire to great artwork with their own personal twist.

It’s said that the great painter Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso were inspired by Doménikos “El Greco” Theotokópoulos’s painting “Opening of the Fifth Seal” when he painted his “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon“.

 The combination of a great artist that gets inspired to create great works of art is a powerful combination that contributes to expansion of culture within a nation or even world wide. But back in the day the inspiration had to come from sources that a artist could get it’s hands on. Would Picasso be able to paint “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon” without his inspiration from El Greco?
Today everyone with an Internet connection can get inspired with countless projects, pieces of art, music and just about everything that has been created.
 Now I leave you with the open end of a single question regarding what I’ve discussed. With the power of Internet, with countless possibilities of inspiration. Are we better off today creating art than we were before?
One last cover song while you ponder about my question:

Illegal numbers


Now you probably wonder how the duck can a number be illegal, and the next question would be what number would then be illegal?

Now lets say I managed to copyright my name “Anders” then this binary number sequence would be illegal for you to reproduce “01000001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010 01110011”. If I found out that you used that binary number sequence I would be allowed to sue you for copyright infringement.

Now why is this useful?

Every piece of data in this modern world consists of “0” and “1” set in a sequence. For example the Mona Lisa in a digital form is just a piece of number sequence and the Mona Lisa is copyrighted by it’s owners which means you can replicate at free will the Mona Lisa as you see fit.

But mainly the illegality about the numbers are number sequence of encryption that are “illegal” to reproduce. Let’s say you have a password listed as “$ub£r$Af3p@sSw0rD” to your bank account that only you and the IT manager of that bank knows. It would be a serious break of trust if the IT manager sent out an email to devious people with your password. This would warrant you to take legal action against you bank because of this breach of trust. Now let’s say the IT manager is a bit more smart and sends this information as a number? “00100100 01110101 01100010 11000010 10100011 01110010 00100100 01000001 01100110 00110011 01110000 01000000 01110011 01010011 01110111 00110000 01110010 01000100” gets sent to the same devious people and the message is the same but in this case isn’t a text that is the cause for an illegal action, but a number. Hence in this context that number becomes the source of breaking the law. But how about just tricking the system and take that whole binary number sequence and change the value from “0” to “1” and vice versa to all the ends of each byte? In this case it would give the text of “%tcâs%@g2qArRv1sE”. In this case it’s just jibberish but if the devious person knows that he/she can change the end value to get the real password, one could say that a password has been given away by one of the bank employees.

So in summary, copyrighted digital art is just a binary number sequence that are copyrighted, and the present/future lawmakers has to take that into account when new laws are written.


The Mona Lisa represented as a binary number

Illegal Numbers – Numberphile

Let’s talk about sex

Clickbait title, check

What I want to share with you as a reader in this blog post is how the artform of pornography has shaped the technologies we all use today. Hate or love porn but you can’t deny the fact that everytime you purchase something of the Internet, videochat with your family, enjoy subtitles on a film that requires good bandwidth or even if you’re as old as me and remember the old VCR machine, porn has influenced all those technologies. Now before I get into the details on how pornography has influenced those technologies I want to share a bit of backstory to explain the history of erotic art and how the society viewed porn over the years with all its controversy.


Erotic depictions have been around since the Stone age with cave paintings and crafted sculptures such as the Venus figures. Depictions of erotic nature has also been banned because the society believed in a higher sense of moral and often connected mental illness with sexuality. One of the earliest films that gets described as a pornographic video is the Le Coucher de la Marièe from 1896. Now it would take 73 years before an adult erotic film would be released in a theatre in the United States, the film I’m talking about is the 1969 Blue Movie by Andy Warhol or as he would like to call his film “Fuck”. Some controversy about the film is that on 31 July the same year the staff of the theater were arrested and the film went into the costudy of the police department.  Also the same year Denmark were the first country to legalize pornograpy and all this contributed to the start of “Golden Age of Porn”.

Now for the technology part of my blog post. Lets start off with the good old VCR, and as most of us would remember there were a war between Sony’s Betamax and Phillips VCR. The outcome would be the home entertainment system that everyone used before DVD and Laserdisc would have another go at it. Now Sony didn’t want  mass produced pornography for their Betamax so the porn industry adopted Phillips VCR to sell their products, now this were a success since one could now with ease view pornographic films at home instead of sitting at a theatre.

Now for the subtitles it might surprise you that the pornography consumers were actually interested in the dialogue but they didn’t want subtitles that blocked the view of what they were watching. The solution were that the porn industry invested in a software to create noninvasive subtitles that are used today for regular films and tv.

Now as you read this you probably loaded this page quickly and thank god that the world has moved past the 54kb modem, ISDN and are now on the verge of going from ADSL to Fiber optic Internet for the homeuser. When porn is about 12% of what the web consists of today one might think that Internet users wanted a fast and stable connection for their viewing pleasure.

The next time you stream a video, like an video chat or even Netflix a tv show you been secretly binging for the past week I want you to know that the first Internet-based video streaming system were developed by the Dutch porn company named Red Light District in 1994 and paved the way for video streaming as it is today.

And lastly the big capatalists dream. Having an easy to use market online that changed the way business is done today. Out with the expensive stores, where you have to pay saleries to people who directly handles costumers and in with the big warehouses were business flows at the touch of a button. Thanks to Danni Ashe and her website with the option to safely buy from the Internet she paved the way for companies as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon and all other companies that relies on online purchases.


If you found this sample interesting I could recommend reading Patchen Barss book Erotic Engine that describes how pornography has powered Mass communication from the printing press to the Internet.


Ten indispensable technologies built by the pornography industry

Le Coucher de la Mariée (Mostly Lost 1896 Pornographic film)

Blue Movie

Pornography in Denmark

Venus Figures from the Stone age

Sex and sexuality in the 1900s