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Games worth playing 1/3

Now I’ve written 3 blog posts where I dive down and research obscure facts about technology and how it has affected our life and art today. I’ve written 1 bad blog post that were more of a rant and now as it’s the subject of games I want to write 3 blog posts about games I would highly recommend for people to play. I will also include some honorable mentions at the end of each game I talk about since there are simply to many games to go in depth with.

Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire is a turn based deck building roguelike game that is made by the game studio Mega Crit. As of now there is not much fleshed out story to the game since it’s in early access. But the developers are continuously making new content and bug fixes every week. It’s a single player game but in the recent patches you can do a daily event where you compare your score to other players in the leader boards.

Now the gameplay is quite simple. You start off as either the character Ironclad or the silent. Each with their own cards that they can play to inflict damage, debuff the enemy, buff yourself or increase your own defence. There are 3 floors, with a unique boss at the end of each floor. Throughout the floor you can run into monsters, shops, mysteries, resting place or elite monsters. After each combat you gain the ability to chose 1 of 3 cards to add to your deck or skip adding a card. After a couple of battles you start to realize that this simple game has a big strategy aspect to it. Is it better to get that last card or are you better off without it since you don’t have to draw that extra card in combat and you already have a decent stack of cards. There are also achievements which varies from completing a full run in under a set amount of time, finish the game with 5 cards or less and etc.


Combat Screen


Map Screen


In summary it’s an incredible easy game to get into. There are no time limits or requirement for fast reflexes so it can appeal to people just wanting to sit down and concoct an masterful plan to survive the 3 floors and complete the game.

In fear of spoiling to much content I will just leave you with these vague info about the rest of the game, there are unlocks, there are relics and events that impacts your game and might change how you play the game. If I tickled you curiosity for a simple game that can easily be played on the go I urge you to check out the game on Steam or your preferred game retailer. If you’re still on the fence I’ve linked a let’s play of this game by the Canadian YouTuber Northernlion(He is known for cat distractions and long tangents, so beware).

Slay the Spire on Steam

Slay the Spire – Northernlion Plays – Episode 1


Honorable mentions:

Card Game: Hearthstone

Grand Strategy: Europa Universalis IV

Space Sandbox/Action: Avorion(EA)