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102 Educated Memes

So now the third week is coming to an end, and I’m struggling to find out what I’m going to write about. This week has been quite eventful, lot’s of different events popping up. We’ve had lab and lectures, learning new things. Monday, in the lab, we made memes. When it was announced I was again sceptic about the whole thing. I thought “Memes? They aren’t made, they just happen.” However, I’d forgot the ole caption memes that are pron to circulate on 9gag and other meme pages. This is probably one of the most classic ways of conveying memes, and I’d completely forgot! Nowadays I consume most of my memes through, pardon my french, “shitposts” and YTP (YouTubePoop).

Making memes were actually pretty fun and even before our professor was done giving her instructions I was at it with meme-creations. I made four in total (originally posted @espen4lyfe on twitter):



And I guess this counts as my weekly contribution for the class? I hope so because I’ve been slacking on the DDAs this week, being somewhat sick. As I’m writing this; the memes I made Monday even foreshadowed it!

We also had a pretty interesting lecture with a friend of Mia (The Professor), Dr. Leonardo Flores. Usually I take loads of notes from every class I attend, but this time I chose to do switch it up and pay more attention. How smart this was, I have no idea. However it was a change of pace and the topics he covered had interesting angles to them. Flores showcased some video-game history as well as different types of digital art. He focused on how digital art and electronic literature had evolved and adapted with the times. You could say that with new tools comes new creativity. It kind of put it in perspective for me how different traditional art and digital art is. Digital art has a main theme often when it comes to communicating with the receiver mainly: being interactive. Like with memes. Memes are the easiest way to communicate and convey a message. That is probably one of the main reasons of it’s rapid growth over the last 20 years. One more thing that I want to mention is the twitter bots. I’ve always known about them (mainly through annoying spam-bots with lewd pictures), but now I followed a couple of different funnier ones like for example @regrettoegret ‏and @pentametron

I don’t have all that much more to say today. As I said, I’ve been sick. I’m never sick so when it hits me I feel like I’m dying. Maybe I’ll make a strong comeback next week with stronger reflections and thought about our course. I hope so. Anyway, check out the Scandinavia and the World comic, and bye.

– Espen

101 My Digital Life

My first blogpost.

This is my first blog, started as part of the subject I’m attending this semester; 103 Net Narratives. I also started a twitter account so that I could interact under the subject’s hashtag; #netnarr. Initially I was very sceptic about but as I’ve been a part of this course for a few weeks I realize that it was way more interesting, but the interactive part of the course is pretty interesting. We’ve also covered pretty interesting topics showing how the tools the digital media comes with can be used in many different manners. One can bring new creative angles on how to use “old” mediums and/or make new one angles of your own. My first impressions of #NetNarr was somewhat sceptic and critical of the style of the course, but have since adapted and come to enjoy it. Exploring different styles of digital art and watching the engagement from the professor has helped a bunch.


I can’t quite remember when, but as far as I can remember I’ve been entertained from the internet, games, forums etc. At an early age I discovered YouTube and later blip.tv(now part of Maker Studios), online forums and other communities on the internet that was interactive. This has pretty much shaped how I interact on the internet and my digital life; an open mind with a dose of scepticism. The internet culture can be so many things. I also learned editing at an early age and love it. I’ve always used the Adobe programs. I am for the most part self-taught so there is a lot more to learn. In later years I’ve tried to learn more about special effects, more advanced editing and such. Many of my own age consider themselves gamers and while I really don’t I still enjoy games. Especially RPGs or story-driven games such as the once made by Telltale, the Dragon Age franchise, KOTOR and so on.


To get started with the course I started up the mandatory Twitter account @Espen4lyfe and read through some of the hashtag, checking around and stuff. I also got some of the books necessary, although I still miss a lot of the essential ones that our professor wants us to read, but hopefully everything will turn out fine and the book store get stocked up. I also made a meme, of sorts, for the #netnarr. The meme is further down the page. This might have started a future competition, which I’m glad for. Next week we’re going to have labtime; we’re going to make memes. I’ve always considered memes to be something that just happens and not something you necessarily make voluntarily, but I’m up to see what this consists of. Maybe it’s a more analytical way of looking at it like answering questions like “why did this go viral” or “why is this forced meme not funny at all” or “when and why is a meme dead?”. Although, I don’t think memes will be the main course of this course. I hate puns. Anyway, among many of the topics covered in the classes the last two weeks I’ve found many of them interesting. The evolution of computing, A.I. and other topics have been very compelling and it has me intrigued about “what’s next”. Wether that’s what’s next for me, the course, or the future in general, I don’t know. It’s not like that is mutually exclusive, anyway.


To end this blog post I want to set some goals over the next 3-4 months. These goals are: learn the very basics of JavaScript. The 101. I also want to learn more editing, of course, and the basics about 3D modelling. Preferably in the software called Blender, because it’s free. I also want to learn to understand more about digital art, discover more digital art and sides of it that I might’ve disregarded or never thought of. Learn new angles of understanding. And maybe learn to differentiate digital art from traditional art in a more obvious way, or more in a more clear way. The first part of these goals are not covered by the course, I think, but I think both 3D modeling and coding are important if you want to have anything to do in the digital art spectrum. And out of my own curiosity, of course. The second part of my goals are what I hope to learn from the 103 Net Narrative. Continue reading 101 My Digital Life