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I am a 19-year-old girl from Stord, and I currently live in Bergen. I study Digital Culture at the University in Bergen (UiB), and in this course ¨Digital Genres¨also known as Networked Narratives (#NetNarr) will be networked. This course is a journey into the worlds of the digital art, electronic literature, and computer games, as we seek to understand and transform the making, composing, writing, and producing art in our digital age. I find this course interesting and fun, since it´s relevant to this digital world we live in. So, our task for this semester is to tweet something from our lecture, or something related to Networked Narratives. Down below you´ll see a link to my twitter-account, and you are free to follow my tweets this semester.

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Something I found interesting from this weeks lectures, was the history behind the making of computers and computing and the the episode of the documentary ¨Do not track¨. What’s interesting here is how we get tracked all the time while surfing on the internet. It´s a documentary about tracking, privacy and the web economy, and it shows how little privacy we really have, and it questions our relationship to the internet. The fact that we are being tracked on our every move regardless of what we do, is scary. This however, means that people out there may have information, and customize the content for me.

My digital life:
I am passionate about the digital world, social media, career like everyone else in today’s society. My iPhone and MacBook largely control my life – I check my phone when I wake up, throughout the day and its the last thing I do before I go to bed. There is so many digital things I´ve become in need of, for example the alarm, text message, contacts and all the social media apps; facebook, snapchat, instagram, twitter etc. These apps is my way to communicate with my friends and family when I´m not around, or to share memes I think is funny. In our student life we are also dependent on the digital, we communicate over a website and deliver our tasks there. So, the social media is something that the youth nowadays are maybe obsessed with, and its become a part of our daily-life.


My first blog! Well, that’s a lie. I don’t know how many I’ve started, but this one, this one is going to be special. Like many things in life, many or most of us need either tremendous motivation or some other force pushing us in the right direction (hopefully).

As a student at the University of Bergen, studying digital culture, I can subscribe to the second statement. This journal, or blog, is going to be a large part of this semesters course in digital genres, or the working title «networked narratives» (DIKULT103).

So here we are. I’m finally getting the much needed push towards creating content for the journal. First and foremost a collection of texts where I reflect on the past week of experiences in the course, but I will also try to add content from my daily travels through the digital realm; artifacts created by others and items molded by myself.

My name is Marius.