From #gaming to #elit

From #gaming to #elit this week!

After a great week at the University of California-Berkeley thinking about electronic literature within the context of the Digital Humanities (with a group of very inspiring colleagues within the field), I am back Bergen and ready to launch the #elit phase of our #NetNarr experience.

What is next? …Electronic Literature!

This week will be an important one.  My planned lectures will offer all of you a comprehensive overview of the different sub-genres of electronic literature.  I will also introduce the Electronic Literature Collections (Vols. One, Two, & Three).  In addition, we will check out other electronic literature resources such as ELMCIP (Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice).  Since I will be traveling for the majority of April (in the UK & Ireland for talks for weeks 16 & 17) I implore you to attend lecture this week (!!) so that we can continue our momentum into the electronic literature phase of #NetNarr.  You will have open/asynchronous time next week (while I am away) to explore the ELC collections further.  In addition, we will also be participating in a very special #Netprov in this last phase of the course (more information on this to come this coming week).

See you all in lecture tomorrow!


Ps.  Kudos on the emergent #NetNarr activities this past week – which included a field trip to Rain Games, an active pop-up Twine group, and a thinglink hypertext story! Excellent.





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