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 Continuing with games…

Another great gaming week in #Netnarr!  Ahhhh…So much to cover, so little time.  At any rate, I am enjoying our on-going conversation.  This week we covered a few different angles on game theory: -game genres, -game aesthetics, -(more) game history, and the video game-as-cultural object.

By the close of class on Thursday we seemed to be perfectly aligned next week’s topics including: -games & learning, -serious games, -games & empathy.

Peer Game Showcase &

I am quite sure the Peer Game Showcase is a definite success.  I am impressed and I am learning from all of you.  Excellent.  A special thank you to Thomas (City Skylines), Eirik (WOW) , Denny (One hour, One Life), Elias (Dark Souls), & Rikke (Senua’s Sacrifice) for thought provoking presentations.  In all honesty, I wish we had even more time for q & a and follow up discussion.  There was so much to consider.  Thanks to each of you for opening up a special lens on such a diverse array of video games.

Regarding the aesthetics of game play, we took a look at this::

I am including my lecture slides from Tuesday (13/3)  and Thursday (15/3) here.   I hope we can pick up where we left off next week by further considering the game as a cultural object.  I plan on incorporating some actual game play in class, so bring your devices! We will do some close reading of our actual game play (keeping in the foreground this notion of the “procedural rhetoric”, as per my lecture on Thursday).

For next week

-On Tuesday we are having class in the Humanities University Library.  There will be a launch event for my art installation entitled Textransformations.  I really look forward to sharing this work with all of you.

I will meet you all in the library at our regular class time of 14:15.  I will presenting a brief description and explanation of my work for the exhibit, and then we can socialize & take a closer look at the installation (you can discover interactive reading “hot spots” (qr codes) and compose some collaborative cut-up poetry.

There is a hashtag for this event: #textransformations. I encourage you to tweet pics of our gathering for #netnarr! 🙂  There is also a special Instagram feed which will feed into the exhibit website (the hashtag is also #textransformations).  I would love it if you posted there! And there will be some food for everyone since the DIKULT student group has been kind enough to provide some refreshments.  (**Please remember that the concepts that can be discovered in the exhibit will be helpful in terms of your upcoming midterm exam.)

-On Monday March 19th, we have a Studio Visit planned at 21:00 to discuss the topic of gaming & learning.  If you would like to join us in this discussion, please send me an email directly as soon as possible, so that I can make sure you receive the link to the hangout.  I am sure this will be an interesting chat, and our special guests will be Remi Kalir & Keegan Long-Wheeler.  I am sure it will be a very interesting conversation, and I would love it if a couple of you would join us.

Remi Kalir and Keegan Long-Wheeler (Mar 19 @ 4:00pm EDT)

-On Thursday in class we will continue with our discussion of games (lecture will refer to Understanding Video Games, Chps 7 & 8).  We have another peer game showcase, and we will also play empathy games and consider them together during class.

-Remember that this week you should be composing your 6th blog post by this coming Sunday (March 18th) which reflects on games, game theory, and game history (as per our conversations this past week).

-Also, please remember your midterm exam (which is accessible on the mitt.uib system) will go live on Monday March 19th, and stay open for you to complete (on your own time) until Sunday April 15th.  Please make sure you complete this open book exam before April 15th.  I will remind you in class about this on Thursday.

Looking forward to gathering with all of you on Tuesday at the library!!

Enjoy the weekend,


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