The next few #NetNarr weeks (in Norway)…

Our introduction to Electronic Literature!

The Electronic Literature Organization:

This past week has been an effective overview of Electronic Literature.  I have introduced all of you to the Electronic Literature Collection – (Volumes One, Two, & Three).  In addition, I introduced to the important #elit resource known as ELMCIP (Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice) – this is a great forum to search and discover critical material on particular #elit texts, the community of #elit practice, etc.

We spent the majority of last week covering an introductory glimpse of the various genres of Electronic Literature.  We surfed the ELC to discover a variety of examples of each of these genres.  My lectures are a good reference for that overview of the field, and I hope you now have a sense of the different kind of literary texts to discover within the broader “umbrella” of Electronic Literature.  Here are my slides for 10/4/18 & also 12/4/18 for your further reference.

There have been many thoughtful blogs in our #NetNarr stream thus far.  Remember that Blog #9 should be about your personal reflection on the introduction to the storytelling worlds/genres of electronic literature:

In lieu of lecture (Week 16 & Week 17)

As you all know, I will be traveling for the next few weeks of April (in the UK & Ireland for several talks on -electronic literature, -networked learning and -networked pedagogy, and also -#Netnarr as a case study.  Due to my lecture tour, I would like you all to spend the next few weeks spending solid time (at least 3 hours) surfing and exploring the ELC collections further.  Please take the time to discover new literary forms, and find a few pieces that “speak to you”, that draw you in, that capture your attention and make you think about what literature is, and what literature is becoming.

In addition, you should also check out the Studio Visit I post here on our course website, and take the time to tinker with new tools in order to develop an elit piece of you own (I would like each of you to have your own #elit “making” or composing experience).   In addition, I suggest you consider connecting with the #NetNarr “pop-up twine group” for peer learning support.  Check our hashtag for further announcements.

Your final blog post to complete your #NetNarr Blog Portfolio (Blog #10)

You are almost there in completing your comprehensive blog portfolio for #NetNarr!

Activities to cover in your final blog post (Blog #10):

  • An Electronic Literature review & an attempt to tinker with elit “making”.  **You have two weeks to work on these final activities for #Netnarr, and post the results in your final blog which should be posted by April 29th (the close of week 17):

Please choose a piece of electronic literature from one of the three ELC collections and write a brief analysis of the literary text-

Explore the ELC volumes to discover a piece  that is meaningful to you personally, and write critically about how that piece of elit makes its meaning.  In other words, write a close reading of that e-literary text.  How do you read this text, and how do you navigate this text?  How does the text position you as a digital reader?  What multimodal elements are incorporated into the elite text (sound, image, kinetic text, video, links, AI, animation, etc.). What symbolic language is employed in the text you selected?  How is interactivity experience in this choice of elit? Please choose a piece of elit that you are inherently drawn to, and write a critical review of how it works, and what kind of meaning you take from it.

In addition to the elit review, I invite you to tinker and make some elit.  Tell a story that embraces the affordances of a digital environment.  I have three suggestions for you.  Please choose one of the following for your exploration into electronic literature making:

  1. You can participate in the current #Netprov entitled 1 Step forward, 2 Steps Back.  There is an introductory video, and also there is a description with instructions of this collaborative storytelling experience.  If you choose this option, play along for a week, and blog about your experiences being a part of this improvised networked storytelling forum.   Here is a #NetNarr studio visit that covers a discussion of the ideas behind 1 Step forward, 2 Steps Back:
  2. You could try to your hand at a piece of generative fiction by creating your own twitter bot.  Breath life into the machine.  Animate a unique voice.  Instructions on how to create a twitter bot are here and here.
  3. Or you could try your hand at a hypertext story.  There are so many tools that would facilitate building a hyperlinked story world.  You could use something as simple as google docs and/or google slides.  There is also the very user-friendly (free) inklewriter application which I think you will find is a fun forum to tinker in.  And finally, we you could try to build a choose your own adventure style game/story with Twine.  (Remember, we have a #NetNarr peer-lead twine community to help you with this ambition – just reach out to @TavernWinter and/or @danielklausen2 for further information).

Try one of these pathways into making/composing some elit, and write/reflect on what you learned in your final #NetNarr blog.

Keep our #NetNarr backchannel lively!

Despite our asynchronous learning plan for the next few weeks, we always have twitter ;).  Let’s make sure the backchannel is energetic/dynamic, and that it continues to be a dynamic form of communicating (about elit and other #netnarr topics).  Remember to engage in creative moments with -some #dda activity, -blog post sharing, and also sharing -any cool resources you might discover along the way!  I will be in and out of our hashtag consistently while traveling to and fro.

Week 18 (the first week of May)

This week will be officially entitled “Catch Up Week”.  This is your chance to catch up on whatever outstanding writing might be left in terms of your overall blog portfolio.  It is some extra time to write and reflect on the Netnarr journey.  If you do need to circle back to an earlier moment in the course because you missed a post or two, please refer to my weekly posts here on our homepage to get a sense of how the weeks unfolded, and what we covered at what point in time.

Our last lecture class

I will see you for our last day of #NetNarr on Tuesday May 8th.  This will be a day to connect, synthesize, and forecast for the final which will be posted on May 18th and due by May 26th.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the Spring! (I hope we have more sunny days in April).

Spring has sprung in #Bergen, #Norway🌷❤️ #springinthecity #springinspiration

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Post Script:

Ps. Just a final reminder – your midterm exam (which is accessible on the mitt.uib system) is still live/open, and will stay open for you to complete (on your own time) until Friday April 20th.  It is an “open book” exam, and reflects what we have covered thus far in the course.  Please make sure you complete this midterm exam before April 20th at midnight.

Also, if you happen to go to the Bergen Public Library:


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